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Rising Above Childhood Setbacks to Achieve Your Goals; the Life of Michael Peres



Michael Peres

Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at the tender age of nine, the future didn’t look too bright for Michael Peres. But in time, Peres would rise above this obstacle to his learning to become an entrepreneur with a global outlook. As we speak, the Montreal native operates a raft of startups serving a client base of more than 400. He helms a multicultural team from around the world that enables him to offer marketing services, provide hosting solutions, and run vibrant online publications among other ventures. He is able to coordinate all these activities while engaging in his lifelong passion; traveling.


Out-the-box routines

The key to Mikey Peres’ success was coming up with lifestyle changes that enabled him to overcome his ADHD challenge. Instead of giving up on his education, he came up with innovative ways to boost his concentration levels alongside unique studying routines that helped him keep pace with other colleagues. These techniques saw him not only complete his elementary education but to obtain multiple degrees in computer science, mathematics, and Jewish studies. Innovating out-the-box study routines to overcome his learning impediment set Peres on a path of creatively turning challenges into stepping stones on the path to success. 

From being potentially hampered by ADHD, Peres recently helped a quarter of a million pursuers of tertiary education take a step closer to realizing their academic dreams. Alongside venture capitalist Arianna Thacker, he came up with a GMAT study project and availed it freely to over 250,000 candidates via a series of viral LinkedIn campaigns. The end result was the candidates all aced the exam, putting them in a stronger position to gain access to their preferred universities. 


Breaking 9 to 5

Michael Peres would not be limited to a career as a software engineer. He dove into the world of business, setting up a variety of startups. In the course of this, he devised a business model that defied conventional business practices to allow him to venture where few entrepreneurs have been. Dubbed the ‘Breaking 9 to 5’ model, it allowed him to harness skills and expertise from beyond the four walls of his home city. Working in different time zones, his international team allows Peres to accomplish more in 24 hours than he would have done before. The key benefit of ‘Breaking 9 to 5’ is increased productivity. 

Michael Peres is able to be up to three times as productive than the average entrepreneur thanks to his multinational staff. When other businesses in Seattle shut up shop at 5 pm, some parts of his workforce based on other continents are just waking up to begin their workday. Instead of being limited to the eight hours of regular operation, Peres’ team of videographers, content writers, software engineers, graphic designers, sales reps, network admins, social media marketers, and SEO specialists can therefore operate on a 24-hour cycle. 


A few challenges

It is a great way to get the most out of your workforce, but it does present a few challenges. Chief among this is how to keep tabs on this global team. Peres manages this in two ways. One is leveraging online platforms that allow him to monitor and stay up to date with what each member is doing at any given time. Another is maintaining a strict daily routine that allows him to check in on his team, work out, and get enough rest. A typical Michael Peres begins the day at 7.15 am with getting up to speed with the progress his team has made and updating his clients in turn. By midday, he is done with this and heads to the fitness center or jogs a couple of miles to refresh his mind. After lunch, he engages his staff once again until the evening when he clocks out. Before hitting the sack he will check in with overseas staff just starting their workday. 


Cashing in on freebies

Back to the GMAT study project. As mentioned, this project benefited scores of candidates who didn’t have to produce a dime for Peres’ assistance. In a world where most graduates and companies focus on making quick gains, his generosity felt out of place. But he had his eye on long-term profitability; that viral campaign vastly expanded his Peres’ networks for future business. “Give and then ask” is the label he has put on this ideology. 


Move with the times

Peres is quick to discourage today’s aspiring entrepreneurs from clinging onto practices and ideologies from the past. Especially given the pace at which technology is evolving today. Besides traditional working hours, cultural norms such as dressing up for work and even the idea of renting lavish office space shouldn’t be in the list of today’s business’s priorities. Business owners and managers should simply focus on building trust with their clients and offering them the best possible experience.   

Instead of remaining an ADHD victim, Michael has risen from the clutches of the condition to become a leader in online entrepreneurship. He is today inspiring an army of budding startup owners to think outside the box and achieve their dreams.

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