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Strategies to Increase Your Communication Skills



Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Have you ever heard of communication skills? How important is it? And how does it affect our life? We always use it to talk with other people. In this article, you will learn how to increase communication skills. You can use it in all aspects.

How to improve communication skills in the workplace? Or how to develop communication skills for students?

Is Communication Skill Important?

Communication skills are very important. We need it in our life. To talk with other people. Or make a social circle and network. We also need it everywhere. In the school, office, public, etc.

Communication skills can show our personality. Many interviewers use it to select a great employee. Because a great person will have great communication skills. How to improve communication skills for an interview? If you are a job seeker, you should know it.

Communication skills also relate to public speaking. As we know, public speaking is important. Almost all people need it. For work, interest in other people, etc. That’s why it is important. How to develop communication skills in a relationship.

How to Increase Communication Skills

We know how important it is. Now, time to learn how to develop communication skills. Here we have 7 ways to increase communication skills.

1. Be a Good and Active Listener

We can say that it is basic. Basic skills on how to increase communication skills. Good communication skills have good listening skills.

A good and active listener has a large meaning. Not only listening to other people. But also give great feedback. Or paying attention to what they say. An active listener will match with their opposite. It will make the opposite feel comfortable.

2. Control your Body Language

Body language is very important. People misunderstand only because of body language. For example, when you talk with arms crossed. People will think you are arrogant. It also impacts what you say.

Controlling your body language is a basic way. Especially in how to increase communication skills. Learn about body language. What is good body language? What is bad body language? Then you can make people more interested in you.

3. Control your Tone and Emotion

A tone and emotion also have an impact. It can be non-verbal communication. Like body language. Many people misunderstand because of the high tone. They will think you are angry. Or it can have a bad meaning.

Try to talk with a normal tone. Show a friendly face when you talk. If you use it, they will be interested. It is also a basic way to increase communication skills. Very easy, right?

4. Learn about Public Speaking

Public speaking and communication have a relationship. A good public speaker has good communication skills. Because they know how to talk with other people. In public speaking, you will learn it in detail.

Talk with people with different backgrounds. It is based on the audience. Or with whom do you talk? The employee, students, public, etc. Every level, background, and society has its own characteristics. That’s why it also affects your communication skills.

5. Use Good Pronounce and Vocabulary

Pronunciation and vocabulary are very important. It can show the level of our communication skills. If you are not sure about your word, don’t use it. You can learn how to improve communication skills in English.

It shows the level of our intelligence. You can improve it by reading. You can learn it by yourself. From dictionary, video, etc. Then don’t forget to practice. The best strategies to increase communication skills.

6. Use a Good Voice

It doesn’t mean you must have a good voice. Like a singer. The main points are tone, volume, and speed. You can practice it every time. It will help to increase communication skills.

Try to use a great tone. Normal to lower voice. Then, don’t use a monotone voice. Do you know Radio DJ? You can learn from it. The last is your speed. Talk at normal speed. Don’t talk too fast.

7. Be Confident

The most important thing is confidence. Don’t be shy to show your skill. Even if you are still learning. If you aren’t confident, it will affect your voice. Think before you talk and write it. It is also another way to improve your confidence.

Moch Akbar Azzihad M ; To increase communication skills, keep learning and try. Adding new knowledge is also important. For example, reading, watching videos, etc.

Moch Akbar Azzihad M often called Abay (dailyabay) is a Entrepreneur, Designers & Influencer.