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The Number One Matchmaker in 2022



Matchmaking is an ancient art found throughout many cultures around the world. With matchmaking making a comeback by virtue of reality TV shows like The Millionaire Matchmaker, Indian Matchmaker, and Love Match Atlanta—I began to wonder does modern matchmaking really work?

Many claim a high success rate but only ONE US matchmaker has the verified numbers to prove it. Celebrity matchmaker, dating coach, and psychological researcher—Brandan Rader—shared with me an anonymous survey of his former and current clients inquiring on their success. He has a confirmed 90% success rate! No other matchmaker and dating coach in the industry has a confirmed success rate via an anonymous survey. Well, none that have been willing to share the results.

I asked Brandan about the differences between traditional and modern matchmaking. Brandan says, “Traditional matchmaking was based largely on objective measures such as socioeconomic status, social influence, and class endogamy. In other words, if the match made sense on paper, it worked. Modern matchmaking takes into consideration people’s subjective perceptions such has physical attraction, communication styles, and emotional attachment. In other words, just because a match makes sense on paper doesn’t mean it will work. The subjective nature of modern matchmaking is much more complex, capricious, and challenging.”

If modern matchmaking is so difficult, how can it be successful? Brandan attributes his success to his unique background has an award-winning psychological researcher. He is the only certified psychological researcher who is also a matchmaker and dating coach in the US. He says, “My job as a psychological researcher is to objectively measure the subjective human experience so that we can better understand the human condition. As such, I know exactly how to operationalize the subjective perceptions of my clients so that I can measure them in my matchmaking process.” Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match!

When talking about success, it’s always important to ask what “success” means. For Brandan, success is determined by people who meet someone whom they feel has “real potential.” He describes “real potential” as a person that possesses all the qualities a client desire and vice versa. Moreover, he says another element of success is the interest of both parties in exploring the potential.Of course—he has contributed to marriages, engagements, and cohabitation but those take time to develop. Therefore, it can take a while to determine the long-term success of a match.

Between ghosting, cat fishing, hard balling, click-baeing, mate poaching, gold digging, one-night stands—meeting someone with “real-potential” sounds like a bliss! Maybe it’s time to ditch modern dating for matchmaking!

Interested in matchmaking yourself? You can apply to hire Brandan Rader and his team through this link Keep in mind that he does have a waitlist and they only work with a certain number of clients at a given time to ensure they provide their clients with exceptional service. Don’t forget to follow Brandan on Instagram @BrandanRaderOffical or on TikTok at @PsychedAboutYou for tips, techniques, and special savings.

I am Aidan, a columnist of KivoDaily. I write about business, celebrities, entertainment and online marketing.