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Prab Mangat Shares His Secrets On Succeeding In The E-Learning Industry



Prab Mangat has identified the immense benefits that technology & content leverage can bring to the growth of a business. Processes can be more efficiently managed, communication can be improved and data collection & analysis can be vastly enhanced. This allows businesses to retain ridiculously high gross profit margins while also remaining simple at the operational level. E-learning also enables companies to reach a larger audience because they aren’t bottlenecked at the product level, therefore having the ability to spend more time marketing. These are just some of the key advantages that this adaptation in the services market offers for businesses looking to increase their revenues and scale up their operations, while remaining hyper profitable. 

While many businesses have been through tough economic times as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Prab and his businesses are positioned to help organizations navigate using strategies which minimize expenses and maximize cash flow through adjustment of the product delivery mechanism.

Prab Mangat is from Vancouver, British Columbia. He studied at the University of British Columbia and decided to put his studies on pause to pursue his startup. Prab’s journey is unique as he was in the process of applying to medical schools before walking away from the world of academia. Although Prab didn’t complete his post secondary degree, he still values education and mentions he will return someday to finish. He mentions this in some of the media interviews & podcasts he’s been featured in.

Prab Mangat’s philosophy and key strategies for growing and scaling businesses have been proven to be extremely successful when implemented. The case studies and reviews found online for his companies exude confidence behind his passion. His strategies focus heavily on pursuing and executing the “sport” of business in the right order as many founders often quit solely because they built in the wrong sequence. He believes in continuously innovating, investing in people, and leveraging timeless strategies and not just tactics to maximize success. With his guidance, companies can expect to see rapid growth with sustainable long-term success.

Using his skill sets as an online entrepreneur, Prab chooses to apply them in the real estate niche. He runs where they focus on helping real estate agents and online entrepreneurs build profitable online real estate businesses. Prab built to a 3M/ Year run rate within less than 18 months while remaining bootstrapped…an astounding feat for a 23 year old entrepreneur. 

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