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The signs that show you have hired a wrong realtor



If you decide to buy or sell your property and are ready to list your property or search for a new one, you have to hire a realtor to do all the required work. You need to hire the right Realtor for the job, or you will lose out on the right to sell or buy a property. Here are the most important signs to watch out for when using a Realtor to sell or buy a property.

  1. The Realtor is rarely available for showings

If your Realtor is always late and misses out on showings, then the Realtor you have hired is not fit. If your Realtoris always on vacation or is busy with other clients or tasks, then there is a better your realtor would not dedicate enough time to show you homes you are looking to buy or won’t be able to offer your property to your potential buyers.

  1. They don’t have negotiation skills

Negotiation skills make you get the right property to buy and the right property to sell. Negotiation skills come into play when making a counteroffer or offer on a home. Your Realtor won’t be able to get a deal between the buyer and seller if he is not a good realtor. In the end, a good Realtor knows how to negotiate the best deal possible for their clients.

  1. The Realtor doesn’t understand the home’s market value

If a realtor puts your home at a price way above market value, you won’t be able to sell your property. It will be unfortunate for you if your property sits longer on the market;the buyers will speculate about something sketchy. Your Realtor should be able to price your property correctly from the start, as it is crucial.

  1. Your Realtoris unprofessional

Is your Realtor late to appointments or showing? Do they make unprofessional comments? Then know that your Realtor is inexperienced and should be shown the way out. Other things that show your Realtor is amateur include wearing unprofessional clothing while working, not having professional marketing experience and having business cards, not answering important phone calls or emails, displaying unusual behavior, and lacking good communication skills.

  1. They don’t ask the right questions

When selling a home, you and the Realtor must be on the same page. An excellent real estate agent will ask all the right questions before listing the home. This will allow them to sell a house quickly and for the right price. Remember: when real estate agents ask you questions, they must also listen to your answers.

Though it’s hard to find a good and experienced Realtor, it is not entirely impossible. All you have to do is search for realtors who have proof of what they are doing, understand the market best, and know what you truly deserve in real estate.

Sean Shahvari

If we talk about good realtors, then Sean Shahvari is one of them, with 24 years of experience. Sean Shahvari is a part of Sutton Group-Admiral Realty Inc., Brokerage, which deals in Greater Toronto. Originally from Iran, Sean is an award-winning realtor with expertise and knowledge about every facet of the real estate business. From the initial meeting until moving day, he ensures that every concern and particular aspect of buying and selling a home is addressed with the utmost attention.

Shawn is an France based Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Investor and Digital Marketing Mentor. He is regular contributor of Kivodaily.