The startup ecosystem as per United Logo Designs is quite complex. Although it turns a startup into a profitable business and perhaps even a unique one, innumerable things need to be completed and achieved. Startup resources are indispensable to every startup, including its founders, co-founders, and other people involved. Who you onboard into your team can play a make-or-break role in the success of your business.

Why is a technical co-founder needed?

It does not matter whether you possess technical knowledge or not; having a technical co-founder is a vital requirement for every startup, and here are some reasons why:


  • Building an Online Presence: No matter what your business venture is, building an online presence is crucial to gaining recognition, reach, appeal, awareness, and demand in market. A technical co-founder would take your business from offline to online quickly. However, even when developing an online presence, the technical co-founder must be well-versed in the nuances of the latest technology and the method of creating a great platform that can pull traffic and make an appeal that transforms traffic into sales. Thus, finding the right co-founder is vital.


  • A right-hand man: No one can work all the time. Everyone needs vacations, have to take days off and cater to other emergencies and social obligations. You even have to go out on business many times. In your absence, there has to be a person who can take the lead and keep things flowing smoothly. Since technical issues and glitches require the most expertise and are the most vulnerable to attacks and running into problems, a technical co-founder can handle even the trickiest situation.


  • Knowledge of all the processes: Just as a founder keeps tabs on all business departments, so does the co-founder. A technical co-founder would not only be able to expertly tackle issues arising within the business’s technical wing but also handle any issues and concerns that other departments experience. He will be familiar with the ins and outs of the business just as the founder. This is where a co-founder also gets the upper hand over an employee. Hiring a talented, technically skilled employee would not provide such benefits.


  • An extra layer of safety: If a founder does not possess technical capabilities, they can run into problems like outsiders fooling them or taking advantage of their lack of knowledge. To prevent yourself from making any ill-informed decisions or mistakes simply because you do not shine on the technical front, you must hire a co-founder with technical skills. A co-founder possesses decision-making skills. Since they also rely a lot on the venture’s success, they are likely to avoid pulling you into a wrong decision. They can save the firm from making technically incorrect mistakes.


  • A partner in the long run: A co-founder would act like a partner in the long run, which is essential for the business to keep running smoothly. As a co-founder, the person in this role possesses various powers and authorities, which can make things simpler for the founder. By taking on some of the workloads, the co-founder frees you from worrying about everything and prevents you from becoming overwhelmed. They take care of business in a similar (if not the same) capacity as the founder. Having a person with enough power to take control as needed will help keep the business running smoothly.


  • Technical advancement of the business platform: As established, technology is advancing every minute. Everything relevant is online today. While you do need to establish an online presence, the work continues. Keeping your websites, applications, social media handles, and internal product technology up to date and upgrading every aspect of it with the advancing technology is equally important. It is much more critical to prevent becoming irrelevant. New changes are introduced daily, and your presence must constantly be up-to-date. A technically sound co-founder would make this possible and make it seem seamless.


  • Understanding market patterns: Understanding how the market responds to or receives your product or service is essential. This information comes in handy when trying to popularize the product, improve upon it, and even launch newer versions. Thanks to advanced technology, you no longer need to send a person door-to-door to ask people questions to gather data. Everything is automated now, and a co-founder with technical know-how could develop a program and campaign to get people talking about the product or service. This information can then be used for many tasks like product improvement/ launching, developing new marketing plan ideas,  etc.


  • Provide validation for new ideas: People come up with a lot of unbelievable ideas which sound too good but are not possible for a variety of reasons. Whether the tech needs to be more advanced, the firm cannot fund it, or it cannot be scientifically possible, there are many reasons why some ideas cannot be pursued. A technical co-founder can gauge the viability and possibility of a picture being turned into a natural product. This would encourage you to come up with better ideas, and as a bonus, it would prevent you from spending much time on an idea that is practically impossible or not good for the company’s growth.