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How two 20-year-old tech entrepreneurs raised insane venture capital funding for their app QuickTutor




I had the pleasure to sit down with CEO, Collin Vargo, and COO, Danny Blade, the two Co-founders of QuickTutor. Both metro Detroit natives who experienced similar success in business at an early age.

Over the course of ten months, both Co-founders have been able to raise incredible amounts of angel and venture capital funding for their application before its launch.

QuickTutor has established itself as the first application that connects anyone who wants to learn to the person who can teach them, in real time.

“It’s like a google search engine, but for people,” said Vargo.

“There are online tutoring companies out there, but the pricing was ridiculous. I wanted to create something that was easy to use, unique, time efficient, and applicable for anyone, not just those in school” said Vargo. That’s when the idea of QuickTutor was created.

Collin always dreamed of starting his own business. At the age of 12, Collin made $3,000 selling worm castings around his neighborhood in the summer. In high school, Collin skipped the usual teenage summer job and made thousands of dollars selling fitness programs. Collin’s biggest accolade came from starting a data collecting software company his freshman year of college and later selling it his sophomore year for an unsolicited amount.

Seeking a business partner, Collin found trust and harmony in his fellow city local, Danny Blade.

Danny’s early source of income came from hacking and exploiting weaknesses in computer systems for businesses. At 15 years old, Danny was hired by EDSI, a nationwide customized training, business development, and talent solutions company based out of Dearborn, Michigan, where he worked with government clients and employers from all across the country.

Both Collin and Danny are former college student-athletes but dropped out to start QuickTutor.

QuickTutor is set to release on the Apple App Store this summer.

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