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Different Ways to Teach your Kids about Eco-Friendly Lifestyles!



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As parents, you would always want to teach your kids the best, so they go on to become better individuals. So why not make them learn and understand eco-friendly lifestyles? Making them learn about the environment and how to keep it healthy is one of the essential attributes we can pass down to our kids. 

Our kids are little sponges and soak up information quickly. They are highly impressionable and perceptive, especially when it comes to novel experiences. And, like new experiences, they are readily available to catch up on ideas. So it is the best time to teach them essential ways to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles. Here are a few ways you can teach your kids-

  • Conservation of Resources

As we all know, we have limited resources on earth. The population is increasing faster, and the resources are being depleted quickly. Therefore, it is essential to teach kids how to conserve existing resources to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Even small actions like turning lights off the water tap off, not wasting water and washing hands responsibly can help develop conservation habits.


  • Make them understand the importance of living an eco-friendly lifestyle

Before you begin to teach your kids, the most important thing is to first make them understand. You should relate things that they are doing in their day to day life and how it affects the environment. Show them the cartoons, talk about nature and how they can incorporate such a lifestyle for a great and healthy future.

  • Talk about 3Rs

The three R’s rule is very important. It advocates reducing, reusing, and recycling to develop the basis of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Teach your kids to reduce the wastage of resources as much as possible. Make them develop good habits of reusing everything as much as possible. You can also teach them to sort the waste into separate containers like glass, paper etc., so they can be recycled easily. 

You can teach them the concept of recycling by transforming their old essentials into something exciting, so they can learn quickly.

  • Teach the importance of keeping a clean environment

Have you ever noticed your kids throwing away wrappers of chocolates on the street or in their rooms wherever they are? Let’s make a point to make them pick up the litter and put it in the dustbin responsibly. We should first inculcate these habits amongst ourselves before passing them on to our kids because they will learn by watching. Teach them that littering is wrong and the importance of picking it up.

  • Spend quality time in nature.

It is essential to teach your kids to respect the outdoors. The best thing to do is take some time off, visit the park with them and show them how to appreciate nature and surroundings. You can even get in some fun exercise with kids or schedule an outdoor session with them to make them understand the beauty of nature. The positive experiences they develop outdoors can create a sense of respect for nature in their minds.

These are a few simple ways to develop good habits amongst kids for an eco-friendly lifestyle. The best way to teach them is by following it yourself. And the best time to do it is now. 


  • Buy only eco-friendly products for your little ones!

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