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Sceptical About Getting A Hair Transplant?



Hair transplant reviews

Direct Hair Transplant has become a popular technique for hair restoration. But there are still many who are hesitant about undergoing the surgery due to many reasons. DHI is a sophisticated and complex procedure, and hence the hesitation is understandable. You have reached the right place for all who come under this category. This post will tell you why going through hair transplant reviews can help you gain a little confidence about the technique before actually getting the procedure done. 

There are many people who have taken this chance and have regained both their hair and confidence. This can be a huge motivation for you as you can see all the hair transplant reviews that are positive, and people are happy with their transplants. It will also allow you to know about the experience and certification of surgeons and whether they follow the best practices and safety protocols. This will assure you that you will get satisfactory results for all patients.

You can also go through the videos and photos on the clinic’s website or social channels in order to understand more about past patients’ results and testimonials. Hence you should ensure that you go through patient reviews in order to clear out all your doubts related to the procedure, final results, graft survival rate, and hygiene protocols, as it is necessary to evaluate a successful cosmetic procedure from the patient’s perspective. 

Usually, the surgeon gets enough time for proper planning of the treatment. But remember that the initial patient consultation itself is crucial. So during the initial interview, the doctor will comment on the number of grafts required by assessing the hair quality, extent of alopecia, and patient preference. The outcome of this assessment may be influenced by age, medical history, family history of alopecia, hair characteristics, and facial features of the patient. But the most important factor here will be the number of grafts required, and the cost of the surgery will also depend upon this. Hence, the initial interview will help to ascertain the patients. And will determine if you are the ideal candidate or not. 

Going through the patient reviews before opting for the DHI treatment will also give you an idea if hair transplants really work or not. However, hair transplants are typically more successful than over-the-counter hair restoration products. Keep in mind that 10 to 80 percent of transplanted hair from a reliable and trusted clinic or surgeon will fully grow back in an estimated 3-4 months. But it will also thin over time, like regular hair. Also, people with dormant hair follicles may have less effective transplants. The effectiveness of the surgery will also be affected by factors like widespread thinning and baldness, hair loss due to chemotherapy or other medications, and thick scalp scars from injuries. Hence, these techniques are mainly used to restore hair if you’re balding or thinning naturally or have lost hair due to an injury. 

These are some reasons why patient reviews play an important role: they inform you about the effectiveness of the technique on different patients, with various concerns, the recovery time taken by other patients and the factors on which this time depends upon, and also the cost. It is one of the best ways to look out for the best hair transplant surgeon in your city. 

In some cases, you may come across patient testimonials explaining the complications that occurred when they failed to follow the procedure aftercare. Such instances can be an eye-opener for taking care of your scalp after undergoing the treatment. At the same time, some other patients may also give you a brief description of the procedure so that you become familiar with the technique. You can also calculate what would be the best donor area to select. 

Another concern where patient reviews can help you is to determine the hygiene level and safety protocol of a particular clinic, both of which will play an important role not only during the procedure but also in your overall health. So make sure that previous patients of hair transplantation approve the clinic of practising hygienic and safety protocol. Make sure that none of the patients mention any infections, weird effects, unwanted bleeding, or scarring caused due to the surgery, as it might be a bad sign. Although DHI is an advanced technique in comparison to FUE and FUT, where the risk of getting an infection is relatively low, the surgeon should follow the best safety measures and hygiene to mitigate the risk. It will be an added advantage if the patients add the before and after photos of their hair so that you get a clear picture of the results. 

To Conclude

So if you are unsure about getting a DHI surgery done, ensure that you go through patient reviews and find out more about the surgeon and the clinic to be confident about your decision. This would be the best way to go through before you conclude anything.