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The Bride and Groom spend a considerable amount of time searching for the perfect wedding attire. It is crucial to choose the best designer wedding gowns because the attire reflects the personality. This article discusses the rise of the colour pink in bridal gowns, as well as the finest companies to purchase Pakistani wedding dresses.

In Asian weddings, particularly Pakistani weddings, lighter, more subdued pink hues are frequently utilised for Nikah and Walima attire. In contrast, brighter, darker, and more striking hues are typically reserved for Barat ceremonies. Regardless of the season, these dark versus bright hues are regarded as a tradition and designated for certain occasions. Similarly, brides adhere to these conventional colour schemes and are typically unwilling to experiment with something novel.

Do you believe pink may replace red in Pakistani Barat events? While the classic red-maroon dress never goes out of style, versions in pink Barat dresses are becoming increasingly fashionable, and there is a good reason for this. Pink is one of those wonderful colours that complement all skin tones, regardless of whether they are dark, light, or medium. Furthermore, it complements every colour combination. Whether you identify as a traditional bride-to-be or a modern age conformist bride-to-be, any shade of pink will enhance your future wedding.

Coordinating Pink Color in Pakistani Bridal Wedding Dresses

As with red dresses, you have several alternatives when it comes to wearing a pink bridal gown for your wedding day. As it is your wedding day, the decision is entirely yours. You can choose a tone that is entirely pink, use a bit of pink as contrast, or employ pink highlight tones.

There are numerous neutral colours in bridal dresses, such as white, ivory, silver, and black, that complement pink tones. However, the majority of Pakistani ladies choose more vibrant apparel for Barat, therefore they are more interested in selecting a bolder and more vibrant colour palette for their wedding outfits. Whether pink is the primary colour of your wedding dress or a subtle contrast, it pairs well with fashionable hues such as lavender/lilac, Aqua/turquoise/teal, deep chocolate/cocoa, lemon yellow, and apple green, etc.

There are an infinite amount of pink hues to choose from for a wedding dress, which is undoubtedly its best quality. As a contrast, you can use pink, peach, crepe, blush, or flamingo to achieve a lighter tone. There are various variants of dark pink, shocking pink colours, such as fuscia, magenta, roseweed, punch, and strawberry, if you choose a more vibrant and daring style.

Styles of Pink Color Bridal Dresses

Due to the fact that pink is an innately feminine hue, pink-hued wedding dresses integrate exquisite and sophisticated feminine craft ideas. The popularity of waists with an A-line silhouette stems from their resemblance to princess gowns. Lehanga is the most iconic bridal garment in Pakistani weddings, and a bright pink lehenga teamed with a choli and a beautifully draped dupatta will certainly enhance the bride’s appearance.

Initially, it may not occur to you to choose a pink bridal gown for your big day, but as you begin browsing, you will surprisingly encounter a vast selection of pink bridal gowns. And while being an uncommon hue for Barat attire, you will observe that pink wedding dresses are not a recent addition to the list. There will be an abundance of reddish-pink and pink-contrast bridal gowns. Almost any bridal gown can be created in a rose pink hue.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses Top Brands

Here are several pink wedding outfits worn down the aisle by Pakistani brides.


Rjs Pret wedding dresses are famous for their versatility in designs and diversity in outfits. Brides can wear these dresses for multiple occasions, from a casual lunch to a black-tie wedding. The bold designs and embellishments are perfect for brides who don’t shy away from standing out. Another thing that makes Rj’s Pret wedding dresses stand out is their use of chiffon. You’ll find that most of their wedding wear is made of this delicate fabric.

Maria B 

This stunning contrast pink bridal gown from the wedding collection of Maria B. is adorned with dense embroidery and accessories.

Maria Basit Malik

This lavishly decorated bridal gown with a contrasting dupatta is designed by Maria Basit Malik in accordance with the shifting bridal dress needs, from bright red to pale pink. The combination of a lavishly embroidered and panelled long shirt with a crushed lehenga and a contrasting dupatta can enhance the beauty of any bride who chooses to wear it.

Kanwal Malik

The delicate hand-made decorations on a hot pink lehenga choli by Kanwal Malik are magical. Whether it’s a dupatta, a blouse, or a lehenga, each item displays exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Zarmisha Dar

Zarmisha Dar’s selection of bridal gowns features a charmingly feminine silhouette. It is an intricately hand-embroidered red-maroon garment with elaborate embellishments.

No doubt Pink Wedding Gowns are very feminine, lovely, and enchanted. There is always a method for any bride to look fantastic on her wedding day in pink apparel, given the variety of colours available, from baby pink to shocking pink.