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Shoulder vs backpack bags Laptop commuters debate



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Carrying a laptop and other computer equipment is a more divisive issue than we had anticipated Shoulder bags.

There are a lot of strong feelings concerning laptop bags. I’m used to arguments about which platform is better, whether it’s Mac vs. PC, iOS vs. Android, or PC gaming vs. consoles. How about choosing a backpack over a shoulder bags or a messenger bag?


“This is such an obvious solution. There is more evidence that carrying your belongings in a backpack rather than a briefcase is healthier for commuters’ back health “Bridget Carey, Senior Editor, remarked. “You can get away with a shoulder bag between the car and your desk. Nonetheless, a backpack is preferable for long-distance commuters.”

Others were more nuanced, arguing that backpacks are better for travel, more informal use, or when carrying a laptop of a certain size necessitated a larger bag than a shoulder bag could offer. The only thing they could agree on was that persons who refuse to remove their backpacks on a packed metro car deserve to burn in hell.

Dan’s aversion to backpacks and Timbuk2’s updated Especial Collection sparked a lively debate in the office. When it first opened its doors in 1989, the company’s main product was messenger bags. However, this collection features only one messenger bag and two backpacks. It exemplifies the transformation noticed by the business in its clientele. According to Brandon McCarthy, Timbuk2’s global merchandising manager, backpacks account for little over half of the company’s sales.

Choosing between comfort and stigma

As a mode of transportation, backpacks have many benefits, the most obvious being their convenience and ease of use for daily commutes. McCarthy argued that a backpack offered greater stability while bicycling, scooting, or skating due to its multiple straps’ capacity to distribute weight more evenly across the shoulders. You may also expect to find more storage space and a wider selection of shapes and sizes, including convertible options like the Tortuga Setout.

McCarthy remarked that backpacks carry the stigma of being exclusively used by students and tourists. I’ve seen and tried professional backpacks from Waterfield Designs, Vessel, and Anson Calder, and I can tell you that no matter how beautiful it looks, a backpack can still make you appear like a 12-year-old at the office, and it’s not easy to sell when worn with a suit.

McCarthy added that many people inappropriately wear their backpacks, which is bad for both appearance and comfort.

Pack up tight and travel light Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags provide advantages over backpacks, besides being the more conventional choice for professional use. For instance, the luggage is now within easy reach. Shoulder bags are convenient since they can be rapidly swung forward to access their contents or slid back and out of the way. In addition to being a convenient way to keep track of your belongings, this feature also makes it a practical option for riding public transportation.

But as McCarthy pointed out, messenger bags don’t provide for the most secure mode of transportation. Even if the messengers from Timbuk2 come with a cross-stabilization strap, using it is an additional safety precaution that is warranted to prevent the bag from swinging forward while cycling. Backpacks don’t have that problem. In addition, unlike a backpack, the messenger bag requires some manual assistance.

However, the bulk and extra weight of a shoulder bag are perhaps its two main drawbacks. Muscle tightness, back and neck pain are all potential side effects of carrying the world on one shoulder. A 15-inch or larger laptop is a pain to lug about on a daily basis. Furthermore, there is a practical limit to the size of a shoulder bag. However, messenger bags’ standard compression straps assist keep the bag compact even when it’s not completely full.

In the end, your decision will come down to your specific requirements, your preferred aesthetic, and, well, how much you can stand to suffer from a sore back and shoulders. I prefer to use a shoulder bag because I take the train and bus between New Jersey and New York every day, have two phones, and a laptop that weighs four pounds.

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