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The Ultimate Guide To Permanent Hair Extensions Price In India



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hair extensions salon

It is important to plan everything so things will be systematic and more likely to succeed. Similarly, before you decide to purchase any hair extensions, you must know about hair extensions price and the cost of the installation process so that you are not stuck between purchasing extensions and not being able to install them. 

Carry out thorough research and plan accordingly to install them once you purchase them successfully. Unlike when hair extensions first emerged, today, there are endless options on the market, including lace-front and clip in hair extensions.

So no matter the budget, you can have many choices to choose from accordingly for reasonably priced hair extensions. If you are looking for the same reason, you have come to the right page. 

This blog will discuss different permanent hair extensions price, factors affecting the hair extensions cost, and the cost of applying them. 

Factors Affecting Hair Extensions Price In India 

You must be aware that the price of any product can be determined by different factors, and so is true for the price of hair extensions.

If you are looking for the price of hair extensions, the cost of hair will depend on the type of hair; temporary or permanent, the quality of the hair, the amount of hair, the length of hair, and the demand in the market are bound to determine the price. 

So make sure to examine your product well before you purchase them to make your investment reasonable and beneficial on both sides (buyer & seller). 

We have compiled different factors affecting hair extensions price in India: 

The Type Of Hair 

Between the permanent and temporary hair types, permanent hair is pretty expensive because they last up to 4 to 8 weeks, longer than any other extensions. 

Moreover, permanent hair requires a long installation time. It offers easy styling without needing much time in the morning, unlike non-permanent hair extensions such as clip-ins and tape-ins. 

Quality Of Hair 

Surely, high/good quality hair extensions made from real human hair are more expensive than synthetic hair, which is chemically processed to resemble and feel like human hair.

Moreover, high-quality hair is ethically sourced hair and has put extensive care, unlike cheap hair products. 

High-quality human hair extensions offer the most natural looks and are impossible to spot whether you are wearing one. With this greatest benefit of high-quality extensions, they are more expensive and are definitely worth the money.  

Amount Of Hair And Length Of Hair 

No wonder the amount and length of hair extensions will greatly determine the hair extensions cost. The more the number of bundles of hair, the higher the price; similarly, for the hair length, the longer it is, the more expensive. 

Demand In The Market 

As the demand for hair extensions increases, the price will eventually increase and vice-versa. Moreover, the texture and colors used to dye the hair will also affect the price of the hair extensions.

In short, the high cost of production would incur higher prices on the market. 

Permanent Hair Extensions Prices In India  

100 remy hair extensions

remy hair extensions

A single bundle of hair extensions, such as clip-ins, is available online and costs around Rs. 250 to Rs. 350. Straight hair extensions are available in different colors and even in an ombre look.

The other branded variety that adds volume to the hair costs around Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3000, including multiple locks of hair. 

If you are looking for permanent hair extensions prices in India  you can get them between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25 000 for a length of 18 inches.  

Cost For Installation Of Hair Extensions 

The application cost is the additional cost of purchasing hair extensions. When it comes to clip-ins, you can install them at home without needing to be installed at the salon and save the installation costs. 

However, some hair types, such as permanent and semi-permanent types, need to be attached by professionals at hair salons. In this case, salons charge you per lock of hair or for the entire full head of hair. 

Generally, the installation price at a good salon costs around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000. The hair extensions cost in India will also include the price of high-quality mild shampoos and conditioners during the hair installation process to make them last longer and more beautiful. 

Tips For Caring For Your Hair Extensions 

Here are some essential hair care tips for caring for your hair once you have installed them. 

1. Avoid Oil-Based Products On Your Extensions.

Always be mindful when choosing hair care products, especially oil-based ones. All products go poorly with every hair extension, and some will cause havoc to your extensions. 

Avoid oil or cream-based hair products when you are handling tape-in hair extensions. The content can cause the adhesive glue to loosen and slip off. Imagine your extensions slipping out as you run your finger through your tresses. We are sure that it’s not something you will want. 

Therefore, make sure you read the instructions carefully before you choose to purchase one for your extensions. 

2. Always Brush Your Extensions With Care.

Regular brushing your extensions are one of the easiest and essential hair care tips. When brushing, ensure you do it with great care, which greatly affects how great they appear and last longer. Moreover, when getting a hairbrush, make sure to get one that is specially designed for extensions. 

Begin by gently brushing from the ends of your hair extensions and then making your way upwards. You can easily remove the tangles without tugging your hair extensions while untangling them.  

3. Refrain From Over-Style Your Extensions

There are different types of hair extensions on the market, providing great styling versatility. So, why wouldn’t anyone love to wear different gorgeous looks every day? 

Naturally, you will want to try a variety of hairstyles, such as straight, wavy, curly, and body wave styles. But when you style them, ensure you do only a little because that will make your extensions lose their beauty faster.   

4. Limit Heat Styling Tools On Your Hair Extensions 

As mentioned above, it is always best to reduce the heat styling tools on your human hair extensions. Using curling irons and other hot styling tools will only dry your hair. 

Use heat protectants to protect your hair extensions online from damage, and be mindful of how long you keep iron and other hot styling tools on your hair. 

5. Store Your Hair Extensions Properly

Store your extensions properly; it is the easiest way to keep them looking great and lasting longer effortlessly. If you are wearing extensions that can be removed at the end of the day, make sure to store them properly. 

Do not just unclip them or take out and drop them anywhere. Ensure your clips are closed and brush them thoroughly after gently removing them. 

And choose a dry, cool, or wig stand to store your human hair extensions safely. Ensure your extensions are clean and dry for long-term storage and choose an air-tight container. 

6. Remove Your Extensions Before Bed

Do not go to bed with your extensions on, especially with clip-ins! The tossing at night and the friction against the pillow will cause the extensions to tangle.

Moreover, the clips will loosen and pull on your natural hair. So to protect your human hair extensions from damage, always remove them before bed. 

You can also cover your extensions with a satin bonnet if you wear semi-permanent extensions such as weaves. Taking proper care of your extensions is the key to maintaining beautiful hair that lasts longer. 


This completes the ultimate guide to the prices of hair extensions in India, factors affecting prices, and some essential hair care tips. Are you ready to experiment with them? 

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