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Tortoise Shell And Other Patterns For Your Glasses



Tortoise shell glasses and sunglasses for women, men, and children of all ages are a classic, elegant, and timeless choice. This trend became popular in the 50s and has remained iconic throughout the years. To protect the turtle population, the original tortoise shell spectacles were outlawed, and modern glasses frames are made from a wide range of acetates and plastics. Trendy styles like tortoise shell frames can be easy to incorporate into any wardrobe.

What Are Tortoise Shell Glasses?

Tortoise shell glasses feature frame patterns that resemble the naturally occurring mottled patterns of tortoise shells. This classic design incorporates authentic tones such as gold, brown, and yellow to appear more like a tortoise shell. Modern designers are also able to create tortoise shell patterns using unique color combinations and framing options. Tortoise shell patterns can combine brown hues with white, blue, black, red, pink, purple, green, and more. Brown, blue, and white are the most popular colors for tortoise shell glasses:

Brown: The classic tortoise shell pattern features a mix of yellow, orange, and other earthy tones.

Blue: This design typically features a black background with various shades of blue. The blue tones are commonly used alongside splashes of brown, red, and other colors.

White: These frames usually have a black background with mottled white patterns and shades of yellow, brown, and other colors.

The tortoise shell style is flexible and allows designers to constantly reinvent it to fit the trends of modern eyewear. People looking for vintage styles and hints of nostalgia will find tortoise shell glasses irresistible. These glasses also work well with tinted lenses and fit all sunglass styles. Leading eyewear manufacturers and shops offer extensive collections featuring different colors and patterns so you can find your perfect pair.

Why Are Tortoise Shell Glasses Trendy?

Tortoise shell glasses are all the rage among men and women of all ages today. They can be seen at red-carpet events, sported by male and female celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Anne Hathaway, Brad Pitt, and more. Reputable retailers and manufacturers can provide celebrity worthy, premium quality framing, lenses, and designs at affordable rates. People love tortoise shell glasses because they are stylish, elegant, vibrant, and non-uniform.

Here are three reasons why tortoise shell glasses are trendy:

1. Timelessness

The tortoise shell design has passed the test of time. People have rocked tortoise shell glasses for centuries, and the style is even trendier today. Tortoise shell glasses and sunglasses for women and men are now made with more sustainable materials that will last. With premium lenses, framing, and finishing, these glasses will keep you in style and on trend for many years to come.

2. Variation

Despite general similarities between individual tortoise shells, each has a distinct pattern. This non-uniformity is an inspiration for designers, so no two pairs of tortoise shell glasses are the same. You can take part in a wide-spread trend and still have a unique pattern that matches your unique style. The customization of the colors, patterns, and frame styles of tortoise shell glasses create a variation that allows everyone to find their perfect pair.

3. Versatility

Tortoise shell patterns can be bold or subtle and come in limitless color options. Designers keep reinventing the style because of how versatile tortoise shell patterns are. You can match your wardrobe and style to the design and vice versa. Tortoise shell glasses can be tinted, square, cat-eye, aviator, geometric, oversized, and more.

Other Top Patterns for Your Glasses

The tortoise shell pattern is only one of many that modern eyewear designers use. Patterns offer a level of versatility and flexibility you might not achieve using solid color frames. You can find frames with wood and matte finishes, two-tone color palettes, rhinestones, and crystals. You can also find a vast collection of abstract pattern prints. Floral prints are common in the chic fashion industry. Other styles include leopard and other animal prints, translucent frames, and metal accents. Bold colors, patterns, and frames breathe life into your style and personality. They are best used on cat-eye, oversized, and rectangular glasses, which offer enough space to showcase the prints.

Premium Tortoise Shell Sunglasses For Women & Men

The tortoise shell pattern has been one of the trendiest glasses styles for many years. The pattern is associated with classic elegance but is also flexible and appeals to modern fashion enthusiasts. Tortoise shell glasses have unique variations, including subtle hints or bold splashes of color. You can use these timeless frames to complement your wardrobe for years. When looking for your next pair, stick to leading eyewear brands that provide premium quality sunglasses for women and men.

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