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Wall Art From Israel-Key Pieces To Look For



When shopping for wall art, Israel is a great place to find pieces. With a variety of Israeli products and artists, there is something unique to suit all tastes. Here are some key pieces to look for when shopping for wall art from Israel:

Judaica Art

Many Israeli artists create beautiful Judaic-inspired artwork, such as mezuzahs, candlesticks, and Seder plates. This artwork can bring the sacredness of Jewish tradition into your home. These can be perfect to give as a gift, or you can use them to add a special touch to your home.

Kabbalah Wall Hangings

Kabbalah is an ancient method of Jewish mysticism and a popular theme for Israeli wall art. Look for colorful pieces featuring Kabbalah’s Tree of Life or the Ten Sefirot, considered the foundation of Jewish spiritual teachings.

Hebrew Calligraphy

Many artists in Israel specialize in creating beautiful calligraphic art, often using Hebrew words and phrases. It is significant when the words featured in the artwork are special to you. Using a reliable Israeli art seller, you can find premade pieces, or you can inquire if something can be custom-made.

Nature Scenes

Israel has an array of breathtakingly beautiful natural scenes that make perfect wall art. These scenes can be the rolling hills and plains of Galilee or the rugged coastline of Haifa. These nature scenes can be a unique way to showcase your love for Israel while also bringing beautiful outdoor themes into your home.

You can also add floral art to your collection. Israel is home to many beautiful flowers. This is another way to continue to add a nature-inspired look to your home. Look for vibrant and colorful floral prints that can bring some of its beauty into your home.

Abstract Prints

If you’re looking for something more modern and abstract, check out Israeli artists who work in abstract prints. Their unique prints can be a great way to add interest and texture to any wall. You can look for specific Israeli artists online or you can find an online boutique that sells all different kinds of abstract art from various artists.


For a more traditional look, browse through the available tapestries from Israel. These hand-woven works of art feature intricate patterns and vivid colors that can bring a unique touch to any wall. In addition to adding a fun touch of color to your walls, tapestries are also great for soundproofing your home.

Jewish Symbols

Israeli wall art is often adorned with popular Jewish symbols, such as the Stars of David, menorahs, or doves. These are all symbols of peace and hope, which are key values in the Jewish faith. Look for a vendor that sells Israeli art products that highlight themes and symbols that are relevant to you.


Israel is known for its stunning mosaics and is a great place to look for unique Israeli-made wall art pieces. Mosaics pull many small pieces together to combine them into one cohesive look. Whether you’re looking for intricate patterns or bold abstracts, Israel’s mosaic pieces may add a touch of Israeli style to any room in your home.


For a truly unique and eye-catching look, browse through a selection of sculptures from Israeli artists. Whether it’s a large-scale installation for your living room or smaller works to adorn shelves and walls, these pieces can bring a special three-dimensional touch to any home.

Glass Art

Israel is known for its stunning glass art. This type of art is perfect if you want to add color and light to your walls. From traditional means of glassblowing to modern techniques, you can find something that is one-of-a-kind. Glass art can also depict special scenes from history, nature, or just random abstract colors.

Silk Screen Prints

Silk screen prints are eye-catching works of art that bring a beautiful and vibrant touch to any wall. Inspired by traditional Jewish artwork, these hand-crafted prints make a great statement piece in any home or office.

Get Decorative Israeli Products for Your Wall Art

No matter what type of Israeli wall art you are looking for, Israeli artists can create pieces that will add a unique touch to your home. With Israeli products ranging from traditional Judaica artwork to contemporary prints and sculptures, Israel has something for everybody. Find a reliable Israeli art vendor and start your collection today.

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