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5 Better Ways To Sell Or Buy Gold Online This Diwali



gold online

Gold commands its precious metal status, becoming more valuable with its auspiciousness in India. It has a proven track record for returns, liquidity and also has sentimental value. Whether it is a festive season, like Diwali, or an auspicious occasion, like a wedding, gold is a must-buy for most individuals. Investing in digital gold is also attractive as it offers you to receive your yellow metal in both forms – physical and digital. 

If you have gold valuables, like jewellery or coins, you can easily get cash for gold at the best value in the organised sector. Since gold has been a way to build financial security for decades, you must consider various aspects while buying or selling gold. Here are quick and important tips to buy/sell gold:

  1. Look at Gold Purity: Gold is available in different forms concerning purity and fineness. You can buy gold between 18 – 22 karats. The higher the gold purity, the better the value you will get in future. You can stay away from worries about gold value in future with greater fineness or purity.
  1. Buy or Sell with Reliable Entity: The Indian markets offer numerous options to buy and sell gold. You should consider a merchant in the organised sector to buy or sell gold. They can assure you of the high gold fineness with purity standards like BIS hallmarked jewellery. If you visit a local merchant and buy the gold without a hallmark, the jewellers can manipulate you.
  1. Gold Price: It is vital to check the gold jewellery price today before buying or selling gold. Keep up with the latest gold price. Even a small fluctuation in the gold rate can change the amount to pay or receive while buying/selling significantly. However, you must consider many other aspects of gold jewellery making, including taxes. It will be beneficial to compare gold’s buy or sell rate with different merchants. In the organised sector, you can get high value or cash for gold as they use advanced technology to clean or weigh your jewellery.
  1. Get the Bill or Invoice: Take your invoice for buying or selling gold. It is necessary to avoid any conflict of interest. A bill has the details of the purity of gold jewellery. When you buy or sell gold with an invoice, a bill makes it impossible for the jeweller to deny anything specified. A genuine seller will always provide you with the invoice whether you sell it or buy it.
  1. Prefer Live Gold Rates: When you sell old gold to a company in the organised sector, you get the best value per the live market rate. These gold-buying companies value your gold as per the current gold rate in the market, unlike local jewellers. Local merchants consider the lowest mark of gold jewellery price, which eventually decreases your old gold value.

Another tip for selling your gold at the best price is to ask the jeweller to weigh your gold jewellery of different karat together separately. Find a genuine merchant dealing in buying or selling gold.