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8 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Gold Today



8 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Gold Today

Gold is a highly-ranked precious metal that carries a rich history. People, especially women, wear gold jewelry to carry forward the tradition. It is also one of the most precious and valuable gifts. Knowing the fact that it has never seen a big dip in its value, people consider it as an investment as well. The prevailing market price of gold has always benefited the past investors. 

Analyzing the gold bullion market and whether it really is worth investing, is far beyond its future selling rates and increase in value benefits. However, there are many other factors that tell us how bullion investment portfolio increases the worth. 

Do people argue all the time about the reasons to invest in gold when everything seems to be stable in the market? Especially when property and stock prices soar up massively leaving everyone in a fix of why to buy or sell in gold bullion. Whereas, even revolving around this argument gold bullion still holds a higher ranking in the list of investment plans. Here is a list of the top eight reasons why you should invest in gold knowing that it can lead to better portfolios:


It Doesn’t Get Affected by Any Crisis

Gold bullion is a commodity that does not get affected by any type of crisis going around in the form of geopolitical instability or inter political strains. Gold is an investment that hooks the highest level of safety with it, irrespective of any global tensions. In fact, gold prices are relatively stronger than other types of investments that drop-down drastically during such turmoil. For example, during the Iraq war, oil prices plunged to great heights, and the gold remained to be the least affected commodity during such times. You can easily infer that the gold prices turn higher with the uncertainty of the prevailing government, and especially people having less confidence due to the current political situation going around. In short, gold can also act as a protection to your assets during the time of your economic or geo politic crisis.


It Holds a Historical Value

Gold holds a great historical value from an early ages. People used to have gold coins as their assets instead of any other paper currency. These gold coins were passed through the generation. Gold has always been valued as the most precious metal, which has largely been in possession of the rich and elite class. It was also given as a bounty to the general public in recognition of their duties or giving an honor. These ancient and pre-historic coins could still be found as an antique collection, around the world. Nowadays gold coins have taken the shape of a tangible investment. The most relative aspect that needs to be observed is its physical and monitory value all around the world.


Gold is a Tangible Commodity

Gold is one of the most tangible assets that could be easily bought by investors. Nowadays, buying gold has become much easier and quicker as compared to buying land or other investment commodities. You can easily buy gold online through many web apps and websites. In the world of digital currencies like bitcoin and others, gold can be free from any mishaps that you can encounter while buying other investment assets. Also, it is easier to carry it anywhere we go.

It is a Healthy Twin of Money

Yes, that is right! Gold is another name given to your money or a twin to your currency, ideally a healthy twin. Here, by healthy I mean that it is much safer to the paper currency that you might hold during any given time. Gold is less risky than your other monetary assets. Whereas, gold already has a historic significance of being used as the money or currency. We should not ignore the importance of gold being transferred to the heirs for future generations as witnessed in the past. One of the many reasons for holding gold reserves is the fact that it is easier to store without having to pay any maintenance cost.


It is a Cap against Inflation

When the paper currency loses its value, due to inflation or the overnight crisis situation of the specific country, gold is the best asset to hold and convert your money. It should hold great value in your portfolio. This is one of the most unique commodities which does not get affected by inflation hence using it as a hedge towards the devaluation of any global currency during the economic fall down. As a matter of fact, inflation has proved to be a good friend for the gold, because the price of gold increases with inflation or the cost of living (if put in other words). Which in turn leads the investor to invest more in gold.


It Diversifies Your Portfolio

Gold is an agent to create a highly-diversified portfolio. It protects your portfolio from making it volatile due to zero or negative co-relation with many other investment assets. It withholds your investment portfolio even during the time of the stock market crash. Gold moves in the opposite direction of any investment since it has a history of rising whenever the stock markets behave negatively. 


It Protects the Purchasing Power

Gold has long been used as an investment or purchasing an asset for ages. It indirectly protects your purchasing capability through the ages, gold locks your purchasing power throughout any era. As the value of gold increases with time, so does your buying capacity.


No Expertise or Skills Required

As compared to all the other investment assets, gold requires no specialized training or skills in order to buy or recognize gold as an addition to your investment portfolio. You need to have special training and knowledge to invest in the stock market, with special skills in understanding completely to analyze the market trend before you hop into the stock trading business. Similarly, even if you go to buy some real estate property, you cannot do so without a real estate agent. However, investing in gold bullion does not require extra training instead it’s quite straight forward.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.