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All You Need To Know About Your Rolex Watch Repair



Rolex Watch Repair

Rolex is more than a status symbol. It is an asset that is passed from one generation to another. Rolex watches are known for beauty, masterpieces, excellence, and prestige. There are many attractive qualities present in the Rolex watch outside. To maintain the watch’s beauty and life, make sure you go for regular service and Rolex Watch Repair. There is power in the watch, but sometimes even the most trustworthy and famous brand needs repair. There is so much inside the watch-like movements, and they are hidden movements present behind the solid metal screws.

Internal parts of the watch might be complicated and without a finish, but this gives the watch power. They are made to be durable, robust, practical, and serviceable. The watch’s mechanicals is built for active functioning whether the owner is exploring caves, diving, jet setting, or just being rich.

According to the Rolex watch owners, these movements are durable and never require any maintenance. Others think that no matter how robust mechanicals we have to relax, it needs regular servicing. This masterpiece certainly needs regular maintenance so that its positivity can be increased and its optimal performance is ensured.

Rolex watch movements

If you are an owner of a Rolex watch, you must know everything about the service. Being careful with the most expensive watch is essential; the company files more than four hundred patents. This means there is no compromise when it comes to technical innovations and premiums as well. Rolex has given us some of the prettiest watches that don’t only look beautiful but also have fantastic performance that lasts lifelong. There is quartz movement and manual wound, and the brand is well known for making automatic movements.

In the year 1931, the first self-winding mechanism was invented by the company having a perpetual rotor. This structure delivers the basics of the automatic movements of the watch. On the other hand, it also makes self-winding wristwatches available to the public. People wear Rolex watches, which means they are prone to wear and tear, for which they need Rolex Watch Repair. The perpetual rotor swings back and forth and automatically winds up the watch. This feature is excellent for all those who prefer to avoid regularly watching on their own.

Water-resistant features

Another thing that the brand has stressed is water resistance, and the idea also came from the perpetual rotor mechanism. In 1926, the brand came out with the oyster case built with a crown using screw down and a point back with a bezel securing the crystal acrylic present in the case. This is the three-part structure that keeps the watch safe from outside dangers like dust and water. Since then, Rolex has improved its features a lot. Today the water resistance feature is available in a more advanced form. It has a rating of hundred meters, valid for most models. It has three meters of resistance for the submariner watches; the Sea Dweller watch has 1,220 meters, and 3,900 meters for the model Deep-sea watches.

In 2000, the brand introduced a hairspring for a patent exclusively made from oxygen, zirconium, and niobium that delivered optimum précis. Then further, in the year 2005, one more patented process was invented to treat the hairspring surface in force with stability. This exclusive movement is called Parachrom hairspring. The brand has maintained its temperature springs and magnetism and can remain ten times accurate compared to any traditional hairspring in case of shocks. For all these reasons, Rolex is more accurate and precise than any other wristwatch brand present on the market.

Assembling Rolex watch

All the calibers of a Rolex watch are made in-house, and everyone is hand-assembled. There are states of the art technologies used to manufacture Rolex components, meaning no other piece can fit in. Rolex uses both craftsmanship and technology to make their watches which are loved by the whole world, but only a few can afford them. According to the company, creating a Rolex watch takes an entire year.


For all these reasons, you cannot go to anyone to get your watch repaired. A Rolex watch is only authentic until it has all the genuine parts. When going for Rolex Watch Repair, you have to visit an inauthentic watchmaker who can repair your watch and replace its components that are not fake. Find the best maintenance specialists who can guarantee you simple repair. Buchroeders Jewelers offers genuine help to Rolex watch owners. Visit them and take the needed guidance.