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An Interview with JC Matthews CEO of Simply Insurance



Simply Insurance

When I first started selling insurance over ten years ago, I ran into an issue.

I wanted only to sell life insurance over the phone. 

However, there was, at the time, only one insurance company that offered their product that way and most people, at the time were skeptical of doing business over the phone.

I knew that selling life insurance over the phone would be the way of the future, so I stuck with it and was able to become a successful life insurance agent with only selling over the phone.

I eventually noticed that more and more customers didn’t want to talk to me on the phone at all and preferred to receive their quotes and buy their policy all online. 

This is why Simply Insurance was created; we realized that no one is offering customers the ability to purchase life insurance directly from the insurance companies and without having to deal with an agent.

Simply Insurance is a consumer-facing digital insurance agency, we are a licensed life & health insurance agency, and our primary focus is on being the most straightforward and fastest way to buy insurance online.

We give our customers the ability to purchase Life Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Accidental Death Insurance, Renters Insurance, Pet Insurance, Dental Plans, and Disability Insurance all without having to speak to an agent and all online.

We also have a substantial amount of insurance education content on our site. 

It is a great thing that more and more people are getting life insurance coverage; however, insurance education is lacking in almost everyone that buys insurance. 

When you come to Simply Insurance, you should be able to educate yourself, get a quote all on your own and purchase online without having to speak to anyone unless you want to.

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine