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Best Accounting Firms for Small Business



It is challenging for a small business to find an accountant given financial constraints. Hiring accountants or outsourcing the work of accounting can be fairly expensive.

It is challenging for a small business to find an accountant given financial constraints. Hiring accountants or outsourcing the work of accounting can be fairly expensive. Small businesses need an accountant who will go the extra mile for them. Checkin’s index contains details of over 4000+ accountants and accounting firms from the UK. While you’re likely to find the perfect match for your business and needs to be given such a vast pool to choose from, it does get a little confusing to settle on any one of them.

A few things you may want to consider before deciding to invest your hard-earned money:

Fees: Accountants sometimes charge a fixed rate for each financial task they execute. Otherwise they may charge by the minute, and consequently, every phone call you to the firm will raise your bill.

Business Specialties: Accountants tend to specialize in a few business areas so that they can offer their clients better service. Make sure the accountant you’re considering is proficient in the field your business operates in.

Certification: The broader your accounting needs, the more you’ll benefit from a general accounting firm that employs Certified Public Accountants.

References: Old-school word-of-mouth is as handy a source today as it ever was. Your friends and business associates may tell you of the firms they’ve employed and their respective experiences.

Along the aforementioned, you must consider the reputation of the level of service; their availability; the personal connection they try to develop; and the kind of audit support they provide.

Now that you’ve got some idea on what to look for in accounting firms, here are some that we think are most likely to meet your requirements as a small business*:

DNS Associates

DNS associates have been accredited with a number of awards such as contractor associations IPSE, FCSA, and Contractor UK. DNS accountants hold expertise at providing wholesome services to small businesses, contractors and private clients. They also have a well recognized nation-wide presence for their dedicated services. These dedicated services are associated with customized packages designed specifically for the concerned business. In addition, their services also include the provision of online book-keeping software and a mobile application.

Chaddesley Sanford

Chaddesley Sanford is a certified Xero partner. It is based in London and Guildford. Chaddesley Sanford dedicatedly provides accounting and tax advisory services which are modern, dynamic, and technology focused. With their experience and expertise in the field, they help to identify and implement the accounting solutions deemed best for small businesses. Firms with as less as 1-5 employees can avail their customized accounting packages each of which includes services such as VAT, quarterly reviews, HMRC fee protection, annual returns, statutory accounts, corporation tax return, and payroll.

Emerald Accounting Services

With over 20 years of experience in the accounting industry, Emerald Accounting Services are familiar with a range of business sectors and sizes. They’re recognized for their reliable and confidential services. EAS undertakes a rather modern approach to accounting. The firm offers modern tech and cloud solutions that can otherwise only be afforded by larger organizations. EAS even offers free health check of the company book and consultation so that you can avail inexpensive services. Some of the company’s services include management information, corporation tax, and CT600, bookkeeping and VAT, subcontractor tax and cash flow planning, payroll and CIS, self-assessment tax returns.

*The list is, of course, subject to opinions. The aforementioned organizations may or may not be a perfect fit for your specific needs. You’re recommended to undertake primary research before making a decisive conclusion.