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10 Best Free Play to Earn NFT Games 2023



Traditional gaming design and non-traditional gaming mechanisms, typically centered on NFTs, are utilized in NFT games or metaverse games. These games use NFTs in the games and the rules and interactions between players. For instance, you can trade NFTs with other players and collect NFTs from items you find in the game.

Play-to-earn NFT games, on the other hand, allow players to make money by playing. Players in these games are rewarded with tokens and can earn more tokens the longer they play. However, before you can begin earning money, most of these games require an initial investment that must be recouped.

The best NFT games to play in 2023

  • Axie Infinity

One of the best NFT games is Axie Infinity, which has 2.8 million daily active players. Players can earn AXS tokens that can be used for platform governance by playing this play-to-earn game. To begin, players purchase three digital pets known as Axies and raise them to produce generations of them eventually. Each Axie passes down its traits, strengths, and weaknesses to its offspring through its genetic imprint.

  • Alien Worlds

Statista says more than 1.1 million people play Alien Worlds, another popular NFT game. Trillium (TLM) can be earned in this play-to-earn game, which can be used to control Planet DAOs or Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and gain access to additional gameplay. It encourages players to vote for council candidates or run for the planet’s council by emulating economic competition.

Players can go on missions and find NFTs in this NFT Metaverse, which can then be used to fight in battles and go on missions or to mine Trillium. 

  • Gods Unchained

The play-to-earn model is also used in the trading card NFT game Gods Unchained, which is based on Gods Unchained. Players in this free-to-play game have complete control over their in-game items, so they can trade, sell, or use their cards however they please. At the start, new players receive 140 free cards to help them learn how to play.

Each card has unique abilities and is sorted by rarity, tribe, mana cost, god, and set. Some cards let you draw more, give health to other creatures, summon creatures, and more. Cards can be purchased from other players or won in PVP games by players. The game’s goal is to outwit opponents by building decks that can use various strategies.

  • The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a community-driven NFT platform similar to Minecraft because it is more of a creator platform than a game. The Sandbox Voxel ASSETS, which can be uploaded to the marketplace as NFTs, can be created and animated by users. After that, these NFTs are incorporated into the GAMES that platform users make. Players or creators can monetize their games and assets through The Sandbox. In addition, they can get rewards by playing GAMES on the platform.

  • Splinterlands

Splinterlands Splinterlands is a similar NFT card game to Gods Unchained in that it has similar gameplay and allows players to earn points as they play. The primary distinction is that to begin playing; you must purchase your card pack. Splinter/rarity, level, experience, ability, and stat are all unique to each card. Some cards give you the ability to restore health, deal double damage, slow down, and more.

  • Sorare

Sorare is a fantasy football card game that lets players create lineups and develop strategies. In weekly tournaments, players can use trading cards that depict professional football players to compete against other managers. Like in fantasy football, the events, and performances of the players in your deck determine your points. It is the perfect NFT game for football fans.

  • The Walking Dead: Empires 

This multiplayer game, Empires, is set in the world of the popular AMC television series The Walking Dead, which is ideal for fans of survival games. In this multiplayer online game powered by blockchain, players can work together to fight off walkers, compete against other players, construct new homes, and scavenge for supplies to survive. Like the TV show, players can pledge their allegiance to a more powerful individual, assert dominance, and lead a community of allies.

  1. Dogami 

Dogami is a game set in an entire “Metaverse” that allows players to adopt a virtual pet or Dogami and care for it until it reaches adulthood to maximize its potential. Dogami can be trained, customized, and given unique characteristics by players. Over 300 breeds of Dogami NFTs are available, each with distinctive features akin to those of real dogs. Their market value is determined by their four distinct rarity levels—bronze, silver, gold, and diamond.

  • The Parallel

One of the best social NFT games is The Parallel, a metaverse where players can work together to create a world with endless possibilities. Runes are the building blocks of this metaverse and are necessary for creating Paragons, which are game elements in the NFT. They also affect attributes, power, earning yield, and runic energy, among other game elements. The Rune Hunter Series is the first of many games that are themselves games in The Parallel. This three-part video game series introduces the metaverse’s play-to-earn system and storyline through three different games.

  • Illuvium 

Illuvium is an open-world exploration game in which players explore seven extraordinary alien landscapes and collect strange creatures. These creatures, called Illuvials, have one-of-a-kind abilities that you can improve as you train them, raising their value. These Illuvials, other NFT items, and farm materials are available for players to trade or sell on the marketplace.


These NFT or Metaverse games are in demand now due to their gaming environments and amazing NFTs. Follow the list to experience some best free NFT games in 2023.