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15 reasons why posting on Twitter can help your business



A laptop featuring Twitter's logo on the screen

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has been a cost-effective method for businesses to engage with a diverse consumer base, as it offers access to audiences around the world, while keeping discussion surrounding local trends within proximity.

And, although in recent years political topics may have resulted in inflamed conversations on the platform with over 300 million monthly active users, Twitter remains an effective – and free – place to share news about your product or service, and to engage with current and potential customers.

However, as with any digital platform, it requires more than just random content to leverage the full potential of Twitter.

Here, engaged Twitter users share 15 reasons why you should be posting on Twitter in 2021 and how doing so can help your business.



It helps your business to be seen

“Getting your business seen and engaging with potential and existing customers is essential for business success. Just like with other social media platforms, Twitter can be an excellent place to get your business seen. It is more time consuming than some platforms, but it works and should not be written off as simply being a place to rant about politics.”
Joe Wilson – Senior Career Advisor at resume database



It helps with traffic
“Twitter has been a valuable source of traffic for me. I get a lot of blog traffic from Twitter by posting links regularly.
Other than blog traffic, I have met amazing people who are also working in my niche. And Twitter has also provided me with the opportunity to guest blog, obtain my first client, and backlink prospects. It is definitely a very helpful tool.”

Ekta Swarnkar – Content creator at money blog



Engage to get better results

“I’ve had a lot of success on Twitter – clients have found me there, others have referred me to clients, and I’ve done a lot of networking there that has led to great connections for my consulting business. I recommend engaging with others on Twitter (not just posting) and also attending Twitter chats to meet and get to know others.”
Michelle Garrett – Public Relations Consultant at


Twitter helps by providing feedback from customers
“As Twitter is a social network where users tend to be more sincere in their opinions, it ends up becoming a reliable source for receiving feedback from customers and followers. So, listen carefully to what they have to say about your brand, about the market, and also about your own interests. And then, you will have at hand precious information to further improve your business. But I suggest you don’t stop there. Take the opportunity to be transparent, answer questions, and have an open and efficient dialogue with your audience.

Peter Schoeman – Owner at



Use it to interact with your customers and potential leads
“Being a founder of a company, I believe if you find a way to do good marketing for free, you should grab it. Nowadays, this is something that is getting more and more difficult, thanks to the algorithms of the main social networks. Twitter is a channel that still offers a viable algorithm for your business. The potential to interact with your customers and potential leads can start a cycle of reach and advertisement through word of mouth. Proof that this really works is that 80% of Twitter users have already mentioned at least one brand in their tweets.
Julien Raby – CEO at thermal imaging equipment website



Take advantage of trending topics

“Since I am a huge advocate for social justice, I have used Twitter to not only promote my brand and connect with those in my community, but to do my best to enact change. We know that many of our customers are people of colour. So, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and amidst nationwide protests, we created a Twitter thread on how to care for your skin after being tear gassed. The thread received over 900 retweets. We wanted to help our community in a real, tangible way, and do so through skin care.”
Olamide Olowe – Co-founder at skincare brand



Try VoiceTweets for higher engagement
“Since Twitter launched VoiceTweets, I’ve been doing short audio recordings to accompany the Tweet. I’ve found it get a far higher engagement and allow me to express my enthusiasm with my voice instead of resorting to exclamation marks or other punctuation. If you haven’t tried VoiceTweets yet, perhaps this format is a better fit for your personality and brand.”
David Ciccarelli – Chief Executive Officer at marketplace for voice-overs and audio production



Posting alone will not get results

“Twitter can definitely benefit your business, but it’s not just about posting. It’s about navigating the landscape to avoid the noise, and focus on connection and relationship building.
I’ve earned speaking engagements, strategic partners, and podcast guest requests through Twitter. However, it is about focus and intention.
Posting alone will not get results. Proactive, genuine conversation, through the creation of focused Twitter lists, will turn the tables on what can otherwise be a rabbit hole of meaningless consumption.”
Sue Koch – Social media Success Catalyst



“I recently interviewed Twitter users who shared the advantages and disadvantages of using Twitter. While some said using LinkedIn is preferable, many reported Twitter is helpful for business growth and lead generation.
I personally have had success generating sales and acquiring leads on Twitter. In fact, my pinned tweet is a link to one of my ebooks which many people retweet. People send me Direct Messages asking me to freelance for them. They see I freelance on Twitter, so they know about my work. Through promotion, using hashtags, and the pinned tweet, I have successfully used Twitter for business purposes.”
Janice Wald – Blogging Coach and freelance writer at


Be ‘hashtag smart’

”Twitter’s crafting community is very active, with #UKCrafters and #UKSmallBiz being a great way for us to engage with existing & new clients. We wanted to get involved, so we used our platform to support more of the independent crafters, showcasing their business and retweeting their products and content.”

Philip Wall – Managing Director at craft insurance company



Be where your customers are

“All your Social Media channels should be optimized in order to spread the word about your business. Channel’s values are not based on content, but rather who is on there. Your message can stand out from any other ‘off-topic noise’ if it speaks to a prospect. The question that Marketers should be asking is ‘Do my future customers like this platform and are they on it? Then, take things from there.”

Steve James – Freelance Marketing Consultant for SME Businesses



It is a networking tool

“Big win on twitter recently: I responded to a tweet from the mayor of Miami about technology, and last week ended up a panel with him. I am now on a technology committee and this will be huge for my organization.”

Felecia Hatcher – Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker



It will make your business more memorable

“We recently launched an advertising platform and use Twitter to follow and engage with our potential advertisers. We don’t necessarily get any direct sales from it, but we’ve noticed that Twitter helps when we send an email campaign or make sales calls as they’ve then heard of us.

Josh Wood – Founder at social events app



It may get you referrals

“We got three new clients thanks to Twitter. A story was published about our business in a local media outlet and posted on their Twitter handle.
Coincidently, someone reading the tweet and a resident of the area turned out to be an angel investor who has invested in a few companies. They really liked our business story, reached out to me, and ended up recommending our business to his businesses.”

Antonio Wedral – Co-founder at SEO agency



But be aware of PR risks

“I was very active 3-5 years ago, and would post engaging topics and engage with others – with an occasional plug for marketing services. When I started my own business, four years ago, I tweeted a landing page and landed my first ‘monthly recurring’ client. I had this client for several years, so Twitter has been great for business. At this point though, it can be a PR risk (if you have any opinions, or even if you don’t) because people are very vocal and easily offended, even if you don’t mention politics or anything.”

Cody Warren – SEO specialist at



Marcio Delgado is a Journalist, speaker, Influencer Marketing Manager and a Content Producer working with brands and publications in Europe, America and Asia.