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22-Year-Old Entrepreneur’s 7-Figure Exit SaaS Exit – JK Molina’s Story



Everyone has a unique entrepreneurial journey. The path people take varies from person to person. However, they bear some similarities in their hard work and determination, especially when building a business from scratch. If you are not inheriting a business empire, you have to find your way up by overcoming many obstacles. That is the story of a self-made entrepreneur JK Molina.

JK has an inspirational story that proves anything is possible. It is just about taking advantage of every opportunity, which is what he did. His entrepreneurial journey started in 2017 when he sold perfumes door-to-door. You can probably guess it was a tiresome job, but through his determination, JK saved enough money to take business classes at night. He would sell perfumes during the day and go to class at night. JK met a senior colleague who became his role model and learned everything from him.

By 2020, JK secured an internship position at a marketing agency in the real estate industry. Unfortunately, his time at the agency didn’t last for long. He made a mistake, which led to him being fired. But due to his incredible rapport with the agency’s CEO, he was offered a job as his virtual assistant. JK accepted, and that was the turning point in his journey.

JK discovered Twitter when working as a VA. He learned that they were making $250K a month through Twitter posts, compared to his monthly salary of $250. As with any other curious individual, JK wanted to figure out how to do this himself. That was when he saw a post that made him discover how to make money on Twitter. Quoting the Twitter post by Lawrence King: “Gillette has 130,000 followers on Twitter and three likes on every post. Imagine what Gillette would pay someone to just not be bad at their job.” JK knew straight away that he had everything he needed to change his life. He could get more than 4 likes per post, which indicated he was better than Gillette, though not by much.

JK started to work on his Twitter account, and by the end of 2020, he had 50,000 followers. He could make a steady income of $30K monthly. But he still never stopped figuring out how to earn more. JK discovered another account on Twitter with only 900 followers but was making the same amount of money. He then realized following does not equate to money but to what the Twitter account offers to the audience. A lesson he took to his advantage.

JK later partnered with Thibault and Thomas, tech-savvy entrepreneurs who helped him develop TweetHunter after developing an audience. TweetHunter is a platform that automates Twitter growth and posting. JK and his new partners were successful in popularizing TweetHunter, and by the time he left the company, he had been promoted as one of the co-founders and received a 7-figure payout for his share.

JK’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to be direct in their approach to business and make their audience understand the service they offer or the products they sell. He also encourages people to do what they enjoy and make work look like a game. According to him, that is the only way of working for long hours without it feeling like work. 

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