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25 Year-Old Investor, Matt Allen, Turns $1,832 to $37,198 on One Stock Trade



At only 25 years of age, this investor, entrepreneur, and guest speaker had one of the best stock trades of 2020. In just one stock trade, he grew his capital by a mind-boggling 2,031%, from $1,832 to $37,198.02 in a short span of only two weeks. True to his philosophy on investing in technology-centered companies, he made a long call option trade on Alibaba (July 17th, $300) when it was at $197, and the stock ended up at $265 when he sold.

“A funny part about the whole trade is that I was literally watching Dave Portnoy do his live stream for his firm DDTG Global and complain about BABA (Alibaba) as it was getting crushed after they had decent earnings”, says Matt. Despite  rumors of  Alibaba being delisted, he believed in their great technicals and value, especially in this great Nasdaq bull run. According to him, Swing Trade Bot is a great resource for those who are non-Wall Street traders, and he recommends this stock trading assistant to his fellow traders.

Matt Allen was born and raised in Thomasville, Georgia. He went to high school at Thomasville High and during this time, he fell in love with the markets at a young age in Tom Rinehart’s economic class. He went to college at Valdosta State University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in Philosophy. During his stint in college, Matt was managing a college bar. He became a member of The Sigma Chi International Fraternity, where he served multiple roles.

Currently, he is the CEO of an investment company named Allen Investment Co., with a focus on technology investments and trading technology stocks. A firm believer and investor in innovative technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, he is one of the early adopters of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. As a visionary, he is working on his investment thesis with the title Vision 2030, which explores the possibilities of how the world will have changed by the year 2030. Matt’s investments lie primarily in companies with innovative ideas, which he believes will change the everyday life of the general public. His investments reflect his belief that in the timeline of history, we are only at the beginning of the greatest technology boom ever.

Matt Allen also has a major role working alongside his parents, Darrell and Leslie Allen, as the family runs multiple deathcare businesses. “I am very lucky to have such great parents,” Allen says. He believes that blockchain technology will have a vital role in the death care industry using smart contracts. 

Currently, Matt is in the process of building his brand as a trader and investor. He has big plans for creating podcasts, radio shows, and TV appearances to talk about finance and make it easily digestible and less daunting for the beginner. The future is in technology and the stock market. He wants to become a heavy hitter in the industry and help out retail traders and retail investors so that they may possibly experience a $37,000 trade as well. “Wall Street wants you to think that they are the only ones smart enough to trade and invest. This simply is not true.”. 

In the meantime, Matt Allen will continue focusing on his Vision 2030 thesis and help be a part of the technology revolution. 

Connect with Matt Allen on Instagram and Twitter, and visit his website.

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