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3 Sure-Fire Tips Seth VanDaele Curates For Digital Marketing Enthusiasts!



Cormier Media, A New Player In The Game With Seth VanDaele Brings Customized & Tailored Marketing Strategies For Businesses/Brands

Social media marketing is some of the most underrated tools to market businesses/brands. Too many brands end up squandering the opportunity to establish better social capital. Roughly 50% of businesses who used social media as part of their content marketing strategies claimed they have succeeded in increasing their conversions.

If you are thinking of ignoring social media as a form of customer outreach, always remember that social media time is mostly used on mobile. So, mobile is the best way to reach out to your potential customers and build your digital footprint. Social media marketing needs a more personalized approach for every brand. Seth VanDaele shares his experience of some strategies that worked outright for his clients!


#Tip 1 – Find the Best Time to Post Your Content for Maximum Visibility

Think of an actor doing promotions. Do you think an actor would like to visit a location with fewer media over an area where they could fill an entire stadium of media? Of course not!

Find the best time to publish your content – when your audience is online and reading your curated content. Synchronize your content with the interests shown by the Algorithms of Facebook and Instagram. Managing to post at the right time, overlapping with your audience demographic will surely give you a competitive edge.


#Tip 2 – Find the Right Posting Frequency for your Audience

Check the frequency in which you should update your social media channels. The more valuable content you publish, the better chances you have. While this might not work with your type of audience, it’s acceptable to try your best to come up with more engaging content. This is a perfect way to keep up with your community while boosting your incoming traffic.


#Tip 3-  Create Target-Specific Content

Create more target-audience specific content using the apt keywords matching your search intent. You would not be able to grow your following without working on improving your audience’s engagement with your content. Create that connection with your audience and understand who your current followers are, their interests and what they want to see from your content.

This helps you design content to appeal to your audiences based on their interests. Seth’s venture ‘Cormier Media’ with their team of experienced marketing specialists help businesses/brands create the most effective strategies possible to help businesses/brands skyrocket.

Seth shares, “While content marketing generates three times more leads than paid search advertising, putting up more helpful and creative content to entice your audience helps you generate better conversions. Each audience for every industry is different and tailor-fitting your social media marketing strategies work wonders to polish your digital footprint. The best possible thing you can do for your brand is of course to have the assistance of a social media marketing agency like ours ‘Cormier Media’.” Don’t forget to connect through their Website for tailored advice on what your brand can do to improve its marketing strategies.


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