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4 Popular Models of Lexani Wheels That Never Ever Go Out of Fashion!



4 Popular Models

Lexani Wheels has, without adoubt, retained its position in the top 3 brands of customizable aftermarket rim manufacturers. Custom rims are a totally different ball game and are unlike most aftermarket wheels because of that special trait: you can ask for alterations to almost any part of the rim to make it unique.

Naturally, these rims are more difficult to make and most leave the factory as ‘blanks’ since they will be made-to-order. Because a set of custom rims will be a one-off, the cost of manufacturing is particularly high.

However, if you really want your premium vehicle to stand out in a sea of wannabes, you must have a set of super-sexy custom rims. Of course, you can choose from available models from such creamy-layer brands likeKonig, Savini, TSW Wheels, and BSS.

These are all hugely popular brands with great options.

But if you really want to take both indices – of style and performance – up and beyond your wildest imagination, go for Lexani Wheels. Since 1996, Lexani has continuously pushed the envelope on merging futuristic engineering with a passion for aesthetics par excellence.

Over these decades, it has managed to stun countless clients across the US and the world with unrivalled quality, finish, and durability. Its rims are a must-have for your luxury vehicle.

Here’s a sneak peek at the models you should not miss.

4 best Lexani Wheels models for 2023 and beyond

Note that all the rims you see here are manufactured using aviation-grade 6061-T6 or A356-T6 aluminum alloys. Lexani has always been renowned for its top-notch engineering.

Each of these models can be tailor-made on several fronts including the central hub cap, bore spacing, machining (CNC machining is Lexani’s specialty), inner and outer lip & rivet colors, offsets,overall finish, and a few more.

  1. Lexani Shadow Staggered: The Shadow was one of the first superstars from the House of Lexani. It continues to remain a major power player in the entire niche and is frequently upgraded. The basic design – of sharply angled spokes that look somewhat like lightning bolts- remains intact.

That said, its concavity has been upgraded and it is an excellent choice for luxury vehicles like the Rolls-Royce sedans and similar designs including the Bentley Flying Spur. These are very heavy cars; having concave rims improves on-road performance and enhances durability.

Lexani Wheels offers the Shadow in several variants. For best results, you should start off with the 20-inch model in a glossy black finish. It also has intricately machined rims and suits most stretch limos, coupes, big sedans, and some full-size premium SUVs!

  1. Lexani Static Staggered: The ‘Static’ is anything but; it’s one of the most aggressive and dynamic designs currently on offer. This is the model for you if you own a high-end EV or a hybrid since it’s designed to be lighter than most comparable rims. The 20-inch Static outsells its siblings and the most in-demand finish is (once again) the glossy black with superbly machined rim tips.

The Static remains the flagship of Lexani’s ‘Concave Sport’ 1-piece wheels range. It has always been a Monoblock rim and has astounding strength with matching speed ratings.

The custom offset is the clincher. We loved the Spartandesign cues on a deep blue Tesla Roadster just some months ago at AudioCity USA, our personal favorite when it comes to retail outlets.

AudioCity USA was set up in 1989 and boasts a seriously impressive inventory of aftermarket beauties at very affordable prices!

  1. Lexani Turbine Staggered: The 22-inch Turbine in polished silver (adorned with stainless-steel lip rims) is widely regarded as the best of the range. It offers a few extra options for personalization like changing the colors of the spoke windows and the bolts. This is another concave rim with clear inspirations taken from racecar rims.

You can alter the Turbine’s sleek profile till it looks just like the rims which dominate endurance racing competitions! This is one of the more expensive Lexani Wheels, however.

Bigger rims mean you can use them without hesitation on already-modded cars. Plus, there is more space for custom TPMS kits and bigger brakes too.

The Turbine is built for luxury vehicles, but it is an all-rounder. It suits the latest Mustang just as well as it does the RR Wraith.

Oh, and Turbine rims will look great on classic cars too. The silver rims look sassy as heck on a ‘72 Chevy Chevelleor the Aston Martin AMV8 from the same year!

  1. Lexani Wraith-XL: The Wraith-XL is one of the best-known Lexani Wheels Although it is not as old as some of its other models, it has become synonymous with the ‘beauty is simplicity’ aesthetic that the company occasionally puts to great use. The Wraith-XL was unveiled at the prestigious SEMA auto show some years ago and is now considered as Lexani’s answer to European style sensibilities.

It uses a simple, multi-spoke design to put its message forward: ‘built for great cars’ being the message. The 24-inch gloss black model is where you should tee off initially.

You can always ask for modifications.

The Wraith-XL suits almost everything: from the latest Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the 2-door Audi R8 to heavy-duty Jeep Gladiators and Cadillac Escalades and even workhorse vans like the Ford Raptor.

A quick last word

Now that you have 4 fantastic Lexani Wheels models to choose from, it’s crucial that you figure out where you’ll buy them from. There are several hundred fake rims that look almost identical and even carry the company’s logo.

Trust only established retailers. You can also order a set online from designated retailerand even Lexani’s own website.