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4 Ways You Can Use Custom Cardboard Tubes Packaging



Cardboard tubes are multi-purpose packaging solutions used by multiple industries, such as food, cosmetics, and fashion. It is because of their compact sizes, flexibility to customise, and sustainability, which is a plus point in every packaging material.

Environmental-friendly packaging is heads-up for every business out there. It is a great way to attract more customers as people are now drawn towards eco-friendly solutions. Cardboard tube packaging is a sustainable and customizable option that can be reused for multiple purposes later.

In this blog, we will tell you about different ways you can incorporate custom cardboard tubes and switch from your regular packaging methods.

1.  Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetics is a huge industry that introduces hundreds of makeup and skincare products every year under the name of different brands. With time, these manufacturers have turned to cruelty-free and mostly organic products, which have shown a significant amount of boost in their sales. As far as the packaging is concerned, switching to cardboard tubes is a great alternative as it holds products like makeup brushes, long and sleek products, and other beauty tools without squishing them. Moreover, it also provides a sophisticated and minimalistic look which is eye-catching for many customers as well. Some other products which can be packaged into these tube boxes are oils, fragrances, creams, lip products, etc.

2.  Candles Packaging

Who does not love scented candles? Not only do they look extremely aesthetic, but they also make the surroundings smell heavenly and create a calming aura. As we observe the candle industry, most of them are cylindrical. Hence are perfect to be packaged in tube packaging as it creates a compact outer layer around the product preventing it from breaking or causing any damage. Manufacturers pay special attention to the candles’ overall look, and with custom cardboard tube boxes, one can uplift their appearance more by providing attractive designs and patterns that complement the theme of the candle.

3.  Accessories Packaging

Cardboard tubes are ideal for storing accessories like sunglasses, long necklaces, hair clips or scrunchies. These are the things that are needed on the go, and lightweight, compact, and easy-to-carry packaging make it more convenient. This tube packaging also saves sunglasses from breaking and scratches you can get if kept without any covering. And also keeps necklaces from tangling and getting stuck in corners. For this reason, cardboard tube boxes are an affordable, chic, and easy-to-carry option for your accessories.

4.  Tea and Coffee Packaging

Teas and coffee are highly consumed beverages all over the world. These are available in different packaging options, such as square boxes, plastic bottles, and paper and cloth bags. Using cardboard tubes for tea bags, loose tea leaves, and coffee beans allows them to remain fresh, as the food industry uses cardboard because of its non-toxic features and retaining freshness. Also, these cut the extra storage space and give an aesthetic look if kept on your tea or coffee station. Additionally, cardboard tube packaging is customizable, giving manufacturers a diverse range to put branding in the best way possible and make their product stand out from the competition.


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