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5 Elements That Define Your Brand’s Visual Identity



5 Elements That Define Your Brand’s Visual Identity

The visual identity of your brand is an important part of your overall brand identity. Along with your brand’s tone of voice and brand values, it completely shapes the way customers will perceive you. This means that your brand’s visual identity is of great importance to your brand strategy but if you want to get it right, all elements need to be present. With that said, let’s take a look at five elements that define your brand’s visual identity.

Colour scheme

Your colour scheme sets the tone for the rest of the visuals you create for your brand. Colours are known to evoke emotions and it’s all about using the right combination of hues. Just take a look at any popular brand out there and you’ll know what we’re talking about. For example, fast-food giants such as McDonald’s and KFC both included red in their colour schemes. This is because red creates a sense of urgency which is exactly what fast food restaurants are all about. Similarly, companies that have something to do with preserving the planet use green as it’s the colour of vegetation and reminds viewers of health and nature. Therefore, don’t just use the colours you like the brand creator like but opt for hues that represent what your business stands for.

5 Elements That Define Your Brand’s Visual Identity

Logo and slogan

Obviously, every company needs a logo that helps separate them from their competitors. That’s why when starting out, one of the first things you need to do is decide on a logo that’ll represent your brand. It’s important to make sure you don’t copy any other brands out there as the last thing you want to happen is to have people confuse you for another business. Once you’ve decided on a logo, it’s time to put it everywhere you can. Start by designing business cards online and printing the logo on your staff members’ uniforms. The slogan usually sits somewhere around the logo and making it complete your visual messaging is a great idea. You can do this by presenting the slogan using your typography and colour scheme.

Consistency across all channels

It’s possible to create a powerful visual identity for your brand and still struggle to have people recognize it. This usually happens when a company fails to use its visuals correctly. The biggest issue that often comes up is inconsistency. Many business owners don’t pay attention to uploading the same visuals on every channel they use for business promotion. This only confuses customers and makes them more likely to connect with another brand. With that in mind, once you’re done designing graphics for your brand, you have to be extremely careful about the way you use them. Set the same profile pictures on each of your brand’s social media pages and upload the same images to the channels you upload your content to.

Cool typography

Another mistake people make when designing visual identities for their brands is believing that fonts don’t matter. Just take a look at fonts available and choose the one you like the best, right? Well, not quite. Just like your colour scheme, the font you decide to use can have a huge impact on what kind of emotions your brand evokes. When people engage in your content, you need them to feel positive and want to continue consuming your content. If you haven’t opted for typography that can help you achieve this, your content will always generate subpar results. When choosing a font for your brand, have in mind that you might need a license or permission to use it. However, there are also sites that offer free and open-source fonts such as Google Fonts and Font Library.

Supporting graphic elements

Once you’ve chosen your logo, colour scheme and other important stuff, it’s time to think about secondary graphic elements that tie your brand’s visual identity together. From textures to shapes, these things may not feel like a big deal but if you get it right, it could really give your brand’s visual identity a boost. Let’s say, you’re designing an infographic for your website. Why use simple black lines to create sections and pull out pertinent information? All you need to do is make lines and other graphics stand out and you’ll make your content truly yours. The best thing about it is that it’ll make it easier for people to remember your brand and want to engage in the next piece of content you upload.

5 Elements That Define Your Brand’s Visual Identity

Over to you

It’s these five elements that can completely define your brand’s visual identity and separate you from all the other businesses in your sector. Pay some extra attention to each element and if manage to get it right, you should see the popularity of your brand skyrocket.

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