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5 Excellent Mobile App Development Frameworks to Choose for Building Apps



5 Excellent Mobile App Development Frameworks to Choose for Building Apps

Mobile app development is becoming popular and a necessity for businesses to achieve success in the market. Therefore, choosing the development approach from all the available ones becomes essential as it derives whether the application to be developed is excellent or not. Hence, the development needs to proceed on the right path where all business requirements are included in the mobile app and desired results are obtained from the app solution.

Developing a mobile app becomes easier with the help of frameworks and software libraries that help reduce the development efforts by providing support for certain functions that come coded already and are required to be integrated into the source code directly. Hence, it relieves developers from complex coding implementations and provides an excellent option for faster and efficient development.

5 Best Mobile App Development Frameworks to Use

App development frameworks are developed for fulfilling the developer’s needs and increasing the development speed that helps in achieving excellent results within the given time and budget. Each framework holds its own significance in development support and by selecting the one that suits every business requirement, businesses can benefit from their dedicated mobile app.


Flutter was introduced the first time at the 2015 DART summit of Google. Redefining the app development concepts, Flutter is promoted and supported by Google and hence holds a good potential of becoming a promising development technology of the future.

Developers can craft a mobile app that can run on different platforms without having to code repetitively, Flutter helps obtain an excellent app solution that gives native feels and still remains hybrid at the core. An object-oriented DART programming language is used in Flutter for the development of the app solutions and it is easier to learn. Moreover, it includes the graphics engine developed by Google that helps deliver excellent results when it comes to UI and UX designs.


  • Excellent UI (User Interface) Support
  • Boosts Development Speed
  • Delivers Native Experience
  • Light-Weight Compared to Other App Development Platforms

React Native

React Native is a cross-platform app development framework that uses JavaScript for app development and is open-source too. The development cycle becomes optimized as React Native supports faster and easier development and deployment of the developed mobile apps. Eliminating the need to learn any difficult programming language, the development of an app solution can be done simply using JavaScript and XML that helps earn benefits. 


  • Reusable Code Building
  • Performance Optimization
  • 3rd-Party Plugin Support
  • Follows Modular Architecture


Xamarin is a framework owned by Microsoft that is open-source and is used for cross-platform app development. Xamarin supports app development through the C# programming language for building the app solution.

The primary benefit offered by Xamarin is that it offers to share codes and relieves the developer from developing multiple codes for different platforms. Hence, using Xamarin, many developers are building excellent native-like experience delivering apps that provide excellent services to customers and helps run business efficiently.


  • Uses Native UI
  • Offers Shared Code Base
  • Development Environment is Less Complex
  • Provides Easier API (Application Program Interface) Integration Support
  • Great Support by Large Community Already Available

Adobe PhoneGap

Using web technologies like CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript building an app solution is facilitated through Adobe PhoneGap. Plus, the support for app building through web development technology does not need the developer to possess any excess knowledge on any complex language. The development framework supports the excellent building of mobile apps without any limitations of hardware features inclusion.

Moreover, it includes in-built features that can be listed under the hardware features. Hence, it efficiently helps to build an app solution that can provide excellent services and native-like experience. This framework includes support for every kind of development platform including Blackberry, Windows, Ubuntu and more which are less popular mobile operating systems. 


  • Support for Every Mobile OS
  • Robust and Excellent Development Support
  • Uses Web Technologies for Application Building
  • Developed Solution is Uniform Across Platforms


The developers can build complex mobile apps using web technologies like CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and more through Ionic. Ionic provides excellent support and is open-source and hence is famous among developers for excellent app development.

It includes Ionic Native and Cordova APIs that help in building an excellent app solution including every native feature. For example, crafting an uber clone app solution using Ionic can help a business deliver an excellent app solution that is cross-platform yet makes use of the hardware features like GPS and more through the native APIs integrated. Hence, helping to deliver excellent app solutions, Ionic works its best to bring the best out for businesses.


  • Faster Development and Execution
  • Native-Like Performance of Developed App
  • Includes Plugins by Cordova
  • Facilitates Easier Development


All these development frameworks support and encourage cross-platform app development. Cross-platform app development helps deliver excellent results while it also fits in the budget the business has set and saves development time. As the technology keeps evolving, these frameworks are also updating their features and providing extended support for better development.

Including support for certain functionalities, the developers are also facilitated to use them directly without having to write long lines of code and it makes the development process faster. Based on the requirements specified by businesses and the budget and development time given, an excellent development framework can be chosen from the above to ensure the app solution runs excellently once launched in the market.

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