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5 Expert’s Steps When Starting a Business



Starting a Business

When starting a business, you need resources, good planning, and the guide from those who were on your shoe years before you think of starting a business. Starting a business nowadays is nothing compared to the previous generation who needs to pay huge bills for television and publication promotions. Now, you can work with your business while at home. This requires knowledge and expert guidance for you to become successful in business.

Most of the generation nowadays only focus on building their own business through online marketing. These are millennial Indipreneur who are working while studying. If you are thinking of starting a business or you knew someone who wants to start their own business from scratch, then this article is for you.


These are the 5 Expert’s Steps When Starting a Business


1. Do what you love

Starting a business is not a joke. People who started their own business without loving the concept of the business face their failure early than expected. Working on your business takes time, effort, money, patience, and perseverance to exert more no matter what it takes.  To start your own business from scratch needs those qualities. If you think you don’t have the characteristics above, better stop to avoid failure in building your startup business.



2. Do a Market Research

Before you start your own business, conduct market research and see whether your business is fit to the demography of the customer, the place where you build your business and understand how you can establish a strong customer engagement within your business. Upgrade your marketing research and use social media to expand your business online. Business experts always utilize marketing research to improve their marketing strategy. They even hire marketing experts to do their social media marketing, ads, email marketing, and all possible ways to boost their sales. Most of the starter failed to conduct their own marketing research and dive immediately in business. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.


3. Unique Business Name

To meet the standard of every business, having your own catchy business name will help you build a strong brand identity in your chosen market. See how KFC works in every corner of the world. How the fancy brand of LV and Guess catch the buyer’s attention. Short, unique, and easy to remember. There are lots of brands out there practicing these tactics to create a strong brand identity. Some millennial indipreneur establish their own personal brand to brand their service. Neil Patel, Chase Reiner, Dillon Kivo to name a few. Again, always create a unique business name and use it as your branding.


4. Prepare your cash

Running a cashless business is impossible. People are saying that you can start your own business with no cash, I say, daydream. You cannot survive without any cash on your wallet. Where will you get your starting amount? How will you secure the legalities of your business? How will you pay for the taxes? Impossible, right? Maybe you exclude the paying high tax since you can always hire an experienced bookkeeper and find ways to save tax for small business like you. The point here, you cannot start your own business without any cash on hand. You can work and start earning some extra cash and at the same time start building your own business. Just make sure to manage your hectic schedule effectively to avoid any health and business failure.


5. Build a Team

If you manage to establish your small business and at the same time you are starting to earn and your business is growing, try to build your ideal startup team to help you grow your business. Build your startup team to help you manage your day to day workloads, do some of your marketing, social media posting, and talk to your customer. Voice of the customer is important in your business. If you listen to their needs, then you will end up boosting your sales.


Final thought

Starting a small business is not easy as baking cake. Business is not an over output. You need to burn midnight candles and blood sweat to make your way to success. At the end of the day, the first advice matter. If you do what you love, then nothing is impossible.

David Rosales is a Freelance Writer at RemoteLab and Contributor in The Weekly Trends.