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5 Suggestions for Innovative Product Names



Here are five suggestions to help you name a product or even a company you may be establishing in order to assist you avoid my early blunders.

Although some of them—use real words and make up ones—are incongruous, there are not nine chronological steps to follow. Choose a handful of these suggestions, then use them to come up with your greatest possible product name. If you need product naming services, then you can check out Unboxfame for their amazing services.

Come up with Dozens of Options

Only if you invented something that no one else has ever made before will you be able to use that first-thought product name.

Start coming up with different suggestions for the product. Consider synonyms for the following terms: what it is, what it does, what problems it solves, who will use it, where it will be used, etc.

Imagine you had created a unique type of nightlight that was voice-activated. Make a list of some of the various names you could employ, for instance:

Be Specific When Naming your Products

Your name needs to be evocative. It ought to explain what your product accomplishes or what users might anticipate from it. A descriptive name may not be interesting, but it can help you get through one of your toughest obstacles.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is among the finest product names. It was a perfectly evocative name. Another catchy moniker is Liquid-Plumr drain cleaning, which also makes their Clog Destroyer product. Because the name makes it clear exactly what those things perform, there is no confusion.

Depending on your market and target audience, you could merely want the most descriptive name available, even if it’s a touch boring. The name may not be interesting or emotionally expressive. If you are looking for one of the top brand naming consultants for your company, choose Unboxfame because it is the best company that you can hire.

Keep Product Names Succinct and Direct

Additionally, your product name should be succinct and direct. Because the names are just horrible, I can always tell when non-marketing personnel are in charge of product naming.

Similar to this, avoid making your product name’s words overly long, even if it just has two or three words. Otherwise, people will start shortening the words, and you won’t be able to control which ones they choose to shorten them to. If they choose an abbreviation you didn’t consider, all of your product marketing and branding efforts will be for naught.

Make it Simple to Pronounce and Spell

People won’t discuss your product if it has a difficult to pronounce name, and you can’t expect them to Google it if they can’t write it down (or spell it correctly) when they hear it. Keep it straightforward and avoid using unusual spellings merely to appear sophisticated.

Ask folks to read the name aloud once you’ve written it down. They should ideally be able to pronounce each word on their own without assistance or prompting. Check out Unboxfame that is the perfect business naming agency for naming services for your company, product or app.

You might want a different name if most people are having difficulties with it. You shouldn’t have to repeatedly explain how to pronounce a name because if you do, nobody will ever learn.

Make it Enjoyable to Hear and Say

Phonaesthetics is the study of words with lovely, enjoyable sounds, regardless of what the word actually means. In other words, it doesn’t matter what anything means; it matters how it sounds.

Consider the soft drink manufacturer Schweppes. Declare it aloud. It’s not the hissing sound furious librarians make when shushing someone. It’s rich and profound, yet it’s also entertaining to speak. Your personal brand name ought to be enjoyable to say or hear.


For each entrepreneur, choosing a product’s name is an essential step. The difference between a name that accurately describes what you are selling and one that leaves customers guessing undermines your efforts at branding and promotion.

Choose a name that is descriptive, simple to say and spell, and even enjoyable to say. Create new words or alter the spelling or meaning of existing words. Additionally, be sure no one else is using it for the same purpose by conducting research.

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