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5 Tips to Start a Successful Preschool



5 Tips to Start a Successful Preschool

Starting a preschool is a fun but demanding job. Even though working with children is amazing, you need a lot of patience and the right procedures to be able to open your own preschool. If you want your business venture to be a success, you need to carefully manage your start-up process and stay organised. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked with children before or not. You can be proficient either way. That’s why we prepared 5 tips to start a successful preschool for you. Here’s what you can do.


1. Develop a business plan

Every successful business starts with a plan. You need to plan the location, permits, and finances you’ll need to start a great preschool. You need to clearly enhance your mission and get licenses and accreditations to start.

What is more important to you- the profit or the children? If the answer is profit, chances are you won’t create an environment where children will grow physically and mentally. To start a successful preschool, you need to put youngsters and their wellbeing in the first place. What do you need to enable them a happy preschool year? So, create a plan according to that.


2. Prepare a curriculum

What are your mission and vision? Are you following an existing pedagogy and childcare path, or you’ve created your own, unique way of teaching young kids? To successfully run a preschool facility, you need to include a detailed curriculum in your business plan. How can you achieve that?

You need to create a learning environment where the children will have a chance to obtain a new skill or develop new abilities that will lead them towards academic success. One of the most efficient ways to create an effective curriculum is by using play-based learning and learner dispositions. That’s how you’ll create educated yet curious children that are always willing to learn more.


3. Market your business to the right audience

One of the most important factors that determine success is the way you market and advertise your business. The location of the preschool plays a major role there. If you open a preschool in the area with no families and children, your business is doomed. So, what can you do?

You don’t need to invest a fortune in marketing. There are affordable marketing strategies for child care services you can implement. For instance, you don’t need to pay for large billboards all over the town. Simply, create social media accounts and post quality content to promote your preschool. Give value and honesty to earn parents’ trust. 

5 Tips to Start a Successful Preschool


4. Prepare your facility

Would you send your child to a poorly equipped preschool facility? Definitely not. This is where you need to invest most of your funds. The area needs to look attractive to both, parents and children. Paint your facility in bright colours or get in touch with local artists to create beautiful wall art there.

You’ll also need to equip your classrooms with enough tables and chairs. Don’t forget other materials such as paper, watercolours, pencils, and many other schools supply your pre-schoolers will need. Neglecting the outdoor part of the facility is the biggest mistake many beginners make. The first impression forms there. So, make sure you have high-quality playground equipment and enough greenery for guaranteed success. Pre-schoolers do love playgrounds, so installing one would be a great plus for your business.


5. Hire reliable staff

You can’t run a preschool facility on your own. If you’re planning on forming more than one group, you’ll need to hire experienced teachers, cleaning staff, and chefs. Those are all necessary parts of kids’ day.

To hire a reliable preschool teacher, you’ll need to offer more than just a workplace. The experts in childcare need a stimulative atmosphere and growing environment to achieve creativity and an encouraging learning process. So, be careful who you hire and make sure that their vision matches yours.



As you can see, starting a preschool can be a complicated process. You need to take care of so many things in order to launch a successful facility that will satisfy the parent’s and the children’s needs. So, follow these tips if you want to create such an atmosphere where youngsters will learn and grow.

Stella Ryne is an art historian, traveller, conscious consumer and a proud mother. When she is not trying to improve the things around her (and herself, for that matter), she likes to lose herself in a good book. She’s deeply into green practices, cherishing the notion that sustainable living and sustainable travel will not only make us far less dependent on others regarding the dwellings we inhabit and what we eat, but also contribute to our planet being a better place to live on. Stay in touch with Stella via Twitter and Facebook.