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6 Benefits of Using Kraft Paper That You Need to Know



4 pack bottle carrier

Nowadays, the world is facing an enormous amount of pollution and it needs to do to reduce garbage. According to the study, we dump 2.12 billion tons of waste yearly. For example, if this waste was put in the truck, they could circle the globe 24 times. And surprisingly a large amount of waste is plastic. It is shown that people throw 99 percent of the things they buy within six months. By 2025 the amount of waste will double the time if it can’t be properly and consciously recycled.

There are many ways in which one can make recycling possible, for instance using Kraft paper in packaging, instead of plastic waste. For example, using 4 pack bottle carrier boxes as juice packaging and using custom cube boxes and others for example cosmetics and food packaging, etc. These packaging can be recycled, and obviously, they are non-plastic

Everything You Need to Know About the Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is made from sulfate wood pulp, commonly known as Kraft paper. It is frequently utilized in packagings, such as cosmetic boxes, food packaging, and bottle packaging boxes like 4 pack bottle carrier boxes or 6 pack carrier boxes, etc. As far as its manufacturing, the natural wood is processed into a pulp and treated with white liquor, a solution of sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide. It separates cellulose and lignin. Kraft paper is incredibly strong because of its low lignin concentration and high sulfur content.

The Kraft process is more environmentally friendly since it uses fewer chemicals processed and can be recycled and reused without lowering the output’s quality because of wood pulp. Kraft has a natural brown hue. It may be bleached, although doing so risks weakening the fibers that give the fabric its strength. The additional bleaching step may increase the price of producing Kraft packaging. They are eco-friendly and durable. There are many benefits of using Kraft paper as packaging, further, you can see the benefits of using Kraft paper in the packaging in this reading.

4 pack bottle carrier

Kraft Paper Vs Normal Paper

When you compare Kraft paper with normal paper, it will reveal its multiple benefits to you. Kraft’s papers are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Kraft sheets and boards are made using the self-sustaining Kraft process. This process allows the use of any type of wood, including pine and bamboo, which are not suitable for creating paper in the conventional sense.

Kraft paper is more durable than conventional paper because of the reduced lignin and greater sulfur content produced by the Kraft process. It is a preferable option for packing since it withstands heat, moisture, oil, and severe handling during transportation. It may be used to store goods like cosmetics, appliances, food and drink, and many other things. Kraft paper is less expensive than common packaging materials like plastic. Even if it is thick and strong, it won’t contribute

Multiple Benefits of Using Kraft Paper

Several businesses have converted their packaging material to eco-friendly. For instance, bottle plastic packaging into 4 pack bottle carrier boxes, biodegradable boxes, green gen bottles, etc.

1.    Multipurpose in nature:

Kraft paper can be used for versatile packaging.  They are very strong in nature and durable. It can be reused for other purposes. Whatever type of product you are selling, they can be used as folding cartons, 4 pack bottle carrier boxes including food packaging, and other boxes. It can be a great alternative if you want to make your business more sustainable.

2.    More robust:

These boxes are stronger in nature as they can be utilized in different packaging. Kraft paper is more durable and strong in nature. You can easily carry different types of items in it. For example, it can be used as gift box packaging, and perfume packaging even its packaging can be enough for carrying bottles like juice bottles, particularly in 4 pack bottle carrier boxes and other boxes like that.

3.    Eco-friendly paper:

These paper boxes are eco-friendly and can be recycled easily. Even Kraft paper boxes can be reused for other purposes in a home like packing up your clothes or in kitchen utensils etc. keeping in mind that the packaging you are using for your product must be 100 % sustainable if you add the window in the packaging like cosmetic packaging then obviously it is from plastic material then you can’t claim to have 100 % eco-friendly packaging. But if you are manufacturing juice bottles like 4 pack bottle carrier boxes etc. they can be completely recyclable and eco-friendly. So instead of having the gloss lamination, you can leave the cut-out area unfilled. Customers may take a better look at your products as you uphold our commitment to only send their purchases in environmentally responsible packaging.

4.    Cost-effective in nature:

Kraft materials are cost-effective and can be used for multiple purposes. Imagine running a campaign to make your organization sustainable in 2023 by implementing sustainable things. In that case, use cost-effective eco-friendly packaging. It not only helps them to do more sustainably but rather it helps your organization to be on more budget. Kraft paper packaging is not very expensive yet if you want them to dye in different colors. But otherwise, they are very friendly to your budget.

4 pack bottle carrier

5.    Customizable:

Kraft boxes can be easily customizable in different types of shapes and designs, according to the requirements of your product. They can print easily, their packaging can be used for different types of products, etc. Direct printing of logos, eye-catching patterns, and other product information is possible. You can easily have personalized packaging according to your choice. Custom Kraft boxes with personalized printing often come at an additional cost. Instead, you may embellish your boxes with stickers, ribbons, and stamps to add a personal touch without spending a lot of money.

6.    Easy Printable:

As mentioned above, Kraft paper can be easily printable within any design and shape. Box packaging enables a variety of printing processes, including lithography and digital printing. For your brown paper Kraft boxes, you may also utilize embossing and foil stamping techniques to improve their appearance. Your prints will be visible on the Kraft cloth whether you wish to use soy-based or water-based ink. You can draw customers’ attention and boost the advertising of your goods.


A variety of boxes are manufactured by Kraft paper as mentioned above like 4 pack bottle carriers and cube boxes, tuck end auto bottom, and many more, etc. Sustainable business packaging is now more important than ever. Using as many Kraft paper boxes as possible for packaging and incorporating greener alternatives into your operations is a start in the right direction, even if the globe won’t be able to eradicate plastic waste and pollution any time soon. Do your part to protect the environment and the local communities you work in.

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