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6 Customization Features of Lip Balm Display Boxes




The lip balm comes under the category of personal care products as they are used on lips to make them look healthy and beautiful. Lip balms are made of different substances that are then tested in laboratories to see the results. There are many famous brands that make personal care products and also make lip balm products. These brands sell lip balm products in their official stores, retail stores, and also on online platforms. When it comes to showcasing lip balm products in official stores or retail stores, it is very important for the brand to display them in such a way that they attract customers. There are different options that can help the brands to showcase their products in the stores and when it comes to lip balm products, brands prefer to use lip balm display boxes. These display boxes can deliver unique benefits to retail stores, lip balm brands, and most importantly customers. Using these display boxes, brands can deliver a unique look and feel because of the amazing features.

Decorative Design

Decorative design is the highlighting feature of lip balm display boxes. Decorative design is only possible because of the customization features of these boxes. Brands can customize these display boxes using different color combinations and design illustrations. Brands can come up with unique illustrations and print them on these display boxes to attract customers to their lip balm products. These display boxes are fully printable that allows the brand to print any text in any font with different images on them. Brands can utilize this feature and can print images in which brands can show the benefits of using lip balm and this approach can help the brand grab customers’ attention. Because of the attractive design of these display boxes, most of the customers end up buying lip balm which can help the brand to increase its sales.

Different Sizes

The plus point of using lip balm display boxes is the feature of custom sizes. These display boxes are available in different sizes and an on-demand custom size option is also available. Using the custom size option, brands can get display boxes for lip balm in different sizes and can display these boxes in various sizes in different retail stores according to the requirement of stores. If any store wants to use a small display box to showcase lip balm, brands can give them a small one and if any store wants to showcase lip balm products in big display boxes, they can get the bigger version of these display boxes.

Product-Based Design

Product-based design is a unique strategy that can be applied to lip balm display boxes because of their customization features. In this strategy, using the customization features of these boxes, brands can print the image of lip balm products based on their flavors. Lip balms are available in different flavors such as; French vanilla, sweet pineapple, peppermint, cotton candy, and many more. In a product-based design strategy, brands can print artwork of any flavor for example; brands can draw attractive artwork of pineapple and can print it on the display boxes of lip balm sweet pineapple flavor. This approach can help the customers to find the flavor of their choice very easily.

Brand Identity

These display boxes can also act as the product and brand identity. Brands can print the company name and the logo on these display boxes so customers can get to know what brand this is. Just like this, brands can also print the details of the product on these display boxes and these boxes will become the identity of the brand and the product. This approach can help the customers to identify the product at a glance, this will save them time and effort in finding a product of their choice.

Protective Boxes

These display boxes also provide the feature of safety to the lip balm product. These display boxes have an extra layer that provides protection to the products. It is very important for these boxes to have solid material because when the brand will put multiple lip balm products in the same display boxes, they can get damaged if the material is not good. That is why these display boxes are made of solid and sturdy material which ensures the protection of lip balm products.

Glorify the Overall Look

Without a doubt, the decorative look of these boxes helps the brand to attract customers and also showcase lip balm products uniquely at the same time, these display boxes also glorify the overall look of the stores. Brands can also customize the look of these display boxes according to the demand of the particular store so it can enhance the overall look of the store. This approach can attract customers to stores and they can end up buying that lip balm product.


Lip balm display boxes are the perfect way to showcase lip balm products in official franchises and retail stores. The numerous features of these display boxes help to enhance the look and feel of the stores which can help them to attract more customers.