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6 Reasons Business Cards Are Still Important



6 Reasons Business Cards Are Still Important

We are all used by now that everything that we do, we do it online. Or in some kind of digital format. Especially when it comes to operating business – we sign our contracts online, we attend meetings online, emails are replaced by emails, you name it, the list is endless. But when it comes to marketing, contrary to popular belief there is still a lot of (forgotten) value in direct contact, in the material trace, such as a business card. It is probably one of the rare things that digitalization could not replace (at least not completely and successfully).

The fact that almost all businesses still use business cards shows you just how powerful and crucial this little pieces of paper are and can be.  

Here are some of the reasons why you want to carry your business cards in your pockets all the time

1. It Gets More Personal

It is true that networking has a completely new dimension now that social media and internet are on the scene. But there is something about meeting someone in person and actually having a chance to speak with them, that social media will never, ever replace. That is a genuine connection that comes from making eye contact, with a person standing right in front of you. And there is no successful business without genuine and real connections.  Sending an email or a text does not leave an impression strong enough, and it is most likely to end up in the spam folder. Engaging in a conversation and making a human to human contact will give you both enough space to create a memory and a bond. That is why business cards are more than often chit chat starters. Do not hesitate to hand them your business card, and be sure that you have much higher chances of hearing from them in the future.


2. They Are A Direct Marketing Tool In Your Pocket

SEO, paid media, merchandise, and email marketing are all great and necessary ways of attracting prospect clients, but they will never be as effective as human-to-human contact, accompanied by a handshake and business card exchange. In order to maximize marketing on all levels, you will have to step up your business card game. Your potential business collaborator or a client can be lurking anywhere, at any time. You can encounter them at a shopping mall, beauty salon, airport lounge… You name it. That is why you should arm yourself with plenty of business cards, so you never miss an opportunity.  One of the ideas that should not be so easily dismissed is advertising on hoardings. You can design it to be very similar to your business card, so people can more easily recognize you once you hand them over to them.

3. Shows That You Are Prepared

Unless you had your business cards with you literally all the time, starting from day one – you have most likely encountered a situation where you had to write your contact information to someone on a napkin, or even worse, on someone’s hand. Phones’ batteries die, and we do not always carry a pen and a notebook. Spare yourself these situations, and start carrying at least a few of your business cards everywhere with you. It will show to the other person that you are prepared all the time, which leaves a very professional impression.  

4. They Represent Your Brand’s Identity

The first thing that pops up in your mind when you think brand’s identity is a website and a logo. And, of course, you would not be wrong. But one major thing that people often overlook is business cards. They act like a small, portable businesses representatives that you can carry around with you. What a great thing when you put it like that! When we acknowledged the importance of your business cards, let us talk design and impression. The famous saying “the first impression is the last impression” has its reasons, very strong ones. You do not want your prospective clients to think about your business as cheap. Depending on the nature of your business, you will want your business cards to be either more classic (for lawyers, medical doctors, etc.), or with a little twist, original and different (for designers, artists, etc.), either way you want your business card strongly stating – professionality. Give your prospective buyers a memorable business card, do not just share your contact with them.

5. Original Cards Continue Marketing For You

By giving someone your business card, you are literally giving them your brand. It stays with them. By giving someone your contact details, you are most probably ending your conversation there. But leaving a great impression by giving them your original or witty business card leaves them with an actual object they will most likely show to other people. Think anything – metal cards, textile cards, different foldings… Do not hesitate to invest a little bit more here than you planned – as with a good graphic designer, it will leave you more than satisfied.

6. Completely Budget-Friendly

Affordability is one of the biggest advantages of a business card. Even if you invest in some more expensive material, such as metal or eco-leather, you will still end up spending less money than you would on other types of marketing materials (not to mention the price of merchandise). If you are really tight with finances, you can always opt for good old paper (keep in mind, there are some wonderfully textured papers), with a great design.  

One of the worst mistakes that a businessman can make is to underestimate the power a well-designed, good quality business card. It is something that will leave the first impression of your business to many people, and it directly reflects your business’es values and culture. Even though online marketing is the future (and mostly the present), in no time soon it will replace good old-fashioned marketing strategy basics, like business cards