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6 Secrets to Getting Max ROI from Trade Shows



Trade Shows

The essence of any business is to sell. Of all the hardships and efforts made for digital and offline marketing, the ultimate requirement is making sales. Although there is a lot of help from the digital and traditional marketing arena, entrepreneurs keep on looking for new ways to get to the targeted audience. Business events such as trade show, conference, seminar, or exhibition are also a great way to connect with customers. Not only do such events provide a chance to connect with the company’s clientele but also with influencers. But the main objective here is to generate ROI. Here we are sharing 5 steps to generate maximum ROI from trade shows and other business gatherings.

Plan ahead before diving into any event:

There will be tons of trade shows and conferences happening around you but not all of them are suitable to join and display. Rather the key to getting success in trade show is planning ahead and carefully looking into it. Keep an eye on your industry and deeply follow every single update. Besides this, you should also have a look at your competitors. Go where your competitors aren’t. The threshold to determine whether the event is useful for you or not depends on two factors: Would you be able to connect with the prospective audience or not and what is the cost of jumping into it. Once, you have planned all these things, the next step is to leverage the event to its max. Here’s how to do it:

Sponsor the event:

The next step when you have figured out the best target to strike upon. The idea is to stand out from the rest of the competition and create for your brand or product. Sponsoring the event is the best way to leverage the power of trade show itself. In my experience of 10 years as an event strategist, I’ve found sponsoring the event to be the best strategy for getting the most out of it. Not only will you be able to leverage the power of social campaigns with your name out there on all marketing materials. But also can leverage the best spot on site for the booth. Obviously, the booth at the most strategic location would be able to win most businesses. The next thing for you now is to put the effort into the booth.

Use technology:

Technology has proved to be the best innovation after the wheel. It has revolutionized how we lead our lives and did business. Nowadays each and every business is driven with the help of technology. This is also your best bet in a trade show as well. The latest mobile technologies such as iPad, VR technologies, and rental AV technology is the organizers’ first choice when thinking of technology. However, I never suggest limiting yourself only to one technology here. Rather, blend each of these together to get the best out of it. Short term iPad and tablet rentals and AV rentals would cut your cost. Also, VR technologies can also be leveraged on a rental basis.

Be creative:

The trade show gets a number of audience traffic but also there’s a huge number of exhibitors as well. You are not alone and the competition is tough. This is the point where you need to be creative to stand above the competition. Many companies try to make a difference by doing something that will uniquely identify them as well as invite visitors to the booth. The general rule of thumb here is to use the latest trends in your locality. I remember hiring body doubles of famous actors to attract people towards my booth. Similarly, you can create a buzz using some unique technique.

Use social media:

Social media is booming with the business for every niche. It’s just a matter of how you leverage the power of it. This is the platform where you should be active well in time before your event. Soon as you finalize the date of your event start organizing campaigns across all social media channels. Make sure you use identical posts, graphics, marketing material and hashtags across all social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social channels. This will allow customers to recognize you on each and every platform. Also, the audience could be retargeted again and again on these channels.

Follow up:

This is the most important factor in getting success out of any event or marketing drive. Follow up with the leads and information you have collected during the event. Reach out to everyone you have any information on. You can use whatever information you have to reach out to your leads. This could seriously benefit you because re-targeting is where the magic happens.

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