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6 Signs That Your Home Needs Water Damage Restoration



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Water Damage is a problem that can happen to any home. Water damage can come from many sources,  but is not limited to, a natural disaster, or a plumbing failure. If your home has sustained any type of water damage, it is important to take action immediately to the damage and prevent any further damage from occurring. 

If you have recently had any water damage in your home, you know that it can be a very stressful situation. Water damage can cause a lot of damage to your home, and it can be very expensive to repair. If you are not sure if you have water damage, there are some signs that you can look for.

Here are 6 signs that your home needs water damage restoration.

1) Mold Development

Tiny mold spores in your house are typically nothing to worry about, but large amounts of mold that have gathered over time can be harmful to your health. So you must move right away and get in touch with a home water damage repair provider.

It’s bad for your health to spend a lot of time in a moist atmosphere. You can start to experience skin rashes, as well as irritation in your eyes, nose, and throat. Because of wet conditions, you could potentially develop respiratory tract problems or asthma symptoms.

2) Broken Floor

You’ll notice that your flooring starts to distort if you have water damage. Even more so, they might cup or even rise up. If floors get wet, some of them can sink. Other floors will enlarge and begin to detach from the base. The type of material your floor is composed of will determine how it warps.

Find out if the ground is uneven if you believe that water has harmed your floor. If your floor does not appear or feel as it should, moisture is probably being protected by it. Please don’t wait for the issue to get worse. By contacting a home  Water Damage Restoration Beaverton OR repair services for help, you can save your floors.

3) Walls That Are Peeling or Bubbling Moisture

Affected walls frequently begin to bubble and peel. Your walls’ hue will start to alter, and they’ll start to feel chilly and velvety. When you observe these symptoms, it is clear that your home has had some kind of water damage.

Your walls will only get worse if you wait to address bubbling or peeling after you notice them. Your molding can crack, the paint will start to deteriorate, and your walls’ structural integrity will be in danger.

4) Walls or ceiling stains caused by water

Light or dark brown stains on the ceiling are a symptom of water damage rather than damaged paint. The presence of water damage will also be evident in dark-colored ceilings; in these cases, specific areas of the ceiling will appear noticeably stained, turning orange, green, yellow, or brown.

The water damage on the ceiling may be the result of a leak from an appliance that is directly above the stain. Alternatively, possibly the roof had a leak. A ceiling that has been saturated by water due to faulty plumbing may have mineral deposits and ugly stains.

5) Drywall that is floppy or bouncy

The drywall made of plasterboard is weak and will take in moisture. Because walls are meant to be solid, wet drywall will become soft and floppy, affecting the stability of the building. A wall should feel soft or depressed when you touch it. These obvious signs of recent water damage should be noted.

Bubbles will develop if there is water behind the paint. The paint extends as a result of the moisture that gathers behind it. Even though bubbling drywall is an indication of water damage, it could take some time to determine how serious the problem is behind the wall.

6) Water Sounds

Although the sound of trickling water might be relaxing, when it happens accidentally, the house is likely to sustain water damage. The water damage may go unnoticed by the homeowner. However, the sound of dripping or flowing water may make the water damage audible.

A water damage specialist should be called right away if any of the aforementioned indications of water damage occur. While repairing water damage can be expensive, postponing repairs will end up costing more in the long run. The damp places will attract mold colonies, making mold cleanup services necessary.


 It is important to keep a close eye on your home for any signs that you may need commercial water damage restoration Beaverton OR services. Water damage can cause a lot of problems for your home, and it is important to catch it early so that it can be fixed before it causes too much damage.