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7 Major Points Proving The Magnitude of Selling Obligations



7 Major Points Proving The Magnitude of Selling Obligations

Making progress in business is always exciting for everyone. However, there are some minimal requirements for every business. If not met, they may seriously limit our growth opportunities and productivity.

Making such mistakes may make you pay a huge opportunity cost when growing your business, if not regulated effectively. Luckily, we are about to introduce them so you know exactly everything about the flaws we will explain right below.


There are several sales responsibilities. However, as opposed to it may be perceived, sales obligations are not some kind of special requirements. They consist of basic principles that define the identity of a salesperson.

It is pretty simple. You know you are a salesman when you make sales.

  • Sales Lead Generation: The best phase of the selling process is always finding ways to get in touch with open-minded people which can be probable sales lead, who are willing to listen to what you can offer. There are always people who want to learn more about your service. Our work is to find them and connect them to the product.
  • Presenting the product: Salespeople know clients are not usually looking to buy because of some features or very specific details – unless they are collectors – Selling is an art where the seller who transmits emotions effectively to customers is the one who makes the sale.
  • Knowing the product details: While communicating with customers is great to make them feel committed to making a deal when it comes to numbers we need to know all minor details about our offer. The presentation is important, but we are selling a product after all.   the value should never be way higher than the real value. And just because it may not be really valuable it does not mean there is not an attractive outlook to sell to people.
  • Preparing monthly reports: Knowing your numbers processes registered on a daily basis gives the ability to adjust. The quicker you modify the fewer time problems have to appear. The more we know, the more we see. And the more we see the more we can predict and prevent. Monitoring data ultimately gives you control of the results you are getting.
  • Maintaining Client Records: The most critical part when it comes to selling is building strong relationships. In sales, connections are the priority. In the current world, we agree it has become way harder to acquire new customers rather than working with the ones you already dealt with. By the way, working with recurring customers does not mean they have to buy from you a thousand times. They could make reviews, referrals, recommend you to their friends. Make sure you stay in touch with them varying your frequency depending on how interested they are. Lots of salespeople have been surprised with unexpected sales after years of following people up.
  • Helping prospects to process their purchase: Clients are supposed to receive your help and great guidance when considering paperwork, agreements, pricing, and legal contracts. The better your understanding is about all the necessary documents, the better you can guide them and close the deal.


As you may have seen, it is very simple to become good enough selling to meet even the most challenging expectations. Nonetheless, there are some moral duties everyone has to follow. Otherwise, it will hurt your relationship with customers, most of them will end up converting into refund requests and it will be very dangerous for the long term vision of the company.

One of the basic requirements are these:

  • Solving their problems and needs: We are not selling for the sake of selling. Exactly. A sale is not always a win! What sense would make to get the deal and creating more problems for people? This means using your influence ability to- 1. Sell them something they do not need 2. Being pushy and making them uncomfortable with the offer 3. Excite them with fake expectations. But no business has achieved lasting success unless you stop doing those three things.
  • Being explicit: People are being lied all the time. When we lie to them, they also lie to us. Actually, they always start lying as a mechanism defense. “I don’t have time”, “I need to think about it”, “I am just watching”, “I’ll get back to you later”. However, when getting things straight with prospects from the very first minute we can prove them our transparency. People like honest people and are more likely to cooperate.

Experts agree with the fact that sales are one of the hardest skills to master. Good news is, it is always the most rewarding for everyone involved.

My name is Craig Evans. I am a finance fanatic and tech junkie based in Sydney, Australia. I like to impart my knowledge and share insights on the latest business industry news, marketing and leadership tips.