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8 Ways Bitcoins Trading is the Order of the Day



8 Ways Bitcoins Trading is the Order of the Day

With the world becoming more reliant on the internet, Cryptocurrency has become one of the largest digital institutional money markets in 2019. It is also not a huge surprise, and cryptocurrency has proven to be a more secure and global available digital currency. Meanwhile, if it is to talk about investing in cryptocurrency in 2019, it is thought to be a good year for it. 

Bitcoin, in particular, is the most well-known cryptocurrency out there that has proven to be more successful on the internet than anything else. Bitcoin has reached the worth of thousands of dollars in the past few years, although these numbers are continuing to grow. 



Bitcoin is the first-ever so-called digital currency that was developed in 2009 by a Japanese person, Satoshi Nakamoto. His identity was never completely identified because most of his activities were online-based, but sources claimed he is the man in thirties. According to his writings in British English, many leads to believe that he might not even be a single man but a group of people from North America or somewhere else-not Japan.

Bitcoin works with an architecture designed around the decentralized transaction system, which means that the system won’t need government control, not even the inventor himself. The digital currency relies on interconnected clients with open-source software. 


Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most valued digital currency right now. Bitcoin investments made fortunes to the guys when it wasn’t even quite popular yet. A teenager Eddy Zillan, who invested in bitcoin. While within two years, 16 years old was close to the million in hand. But that doesn’t mean you should get too excited and place all your life savings into bitcoin. Investing in bitcoin in 2019 requires a belief system as the digital currency is scarce and useful at the same time. 


Bitcoin Future

Nothing has ever gone successful for a more extended period in this world that is now almost entirely reliant on the internet. The same goes for the bitcoins. Bitcoins run with the belief system, and for bitcoins, it is pretty scarce at the moment. According to some experts and BTC predictions, bitcoins prices were laid down to the rate of 15% with the launch of another cryptocurrency platform called Bakkt. Researches tell that with the inventions of more platforms each day, bitcoins have been seen in a significant trend of drops and increase of prices for the past few years. This trend will continue in the future. That puts the traders to be more live for these trends and know the right way to invest. 

The past for bitcoins has been quite surprising and troubling at the same time. The reason for that is because last year bitcoin was traded seldom as compared to the 2017’s data, which was the highest trade rate ever recorded for bitcoins that was worth around $19,783.06. 


Right day to Takeaway

Past is the past, to talk about the present, the bitcoins are the right assets to trade in 2019. Bitcoin prices have doubled in the current year and have improved better than most of the tech streams in the US. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs has also suggested trading in bitcoins after claiming it as the best digital assets trade for the year. 

According to the data provided on their website, the cryptocurrency named their third quarter of the year with $8,308 with a success count of 114% this year. 


Protection and Value

Bitcoins being the most successful digital exchange doesn’t even rely on government control, which increases the potential value of it. Unlike other physical assets like gold, for example, are mostly under the monitoring with stocks under government. Meanwhile, bitcoins are entirely independent of these monitoring and thus is more anonymous than other physical trades. According to recent years data, the bitcoins valued for 21 million with trades, which is a lot to consider for the government. 


Securing Wallet

For the security of bitcoins, the digital currency shifts the practice of keeping a few bitcoins on a computer or the server rather than keeping a thousand dollars in the wallet that puts to the extreme danger of online theft. Meanwhile, the encrypted wallet and secured keys keep the threat of human error away and put onto the trusted machines.


Final Words

Bitcoins work pretty much under speculations and predictions and provide a meaningful monetary policy for investors from time to time, but that isn’t the right approach either. But to think of it as discussed in the future, bitcoins are more of a vital asset producing a healthy market around it. Top investors like Tom Lee, McAfee have already predicted a model for bitcoins and think that bitcoins will be ranking to the web stock charts and will be valuing around $91,000 within next year. The thoughtful analysis suggests bitcoins are the only traded assets that enable them to identify on stock charts these days easily. The ideology of trading in bitcoins is the right time, and 2019 is the correct year. 

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.