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9 FREE Excel Templates Which Can be Useful for Every STARTUP



9 FREE Excel Templates Which Can be Useful for Every STARTUP

When you just kicked off a startup, it’s important to make smart decisions while putting money in any kind of tools. The SMART WAY to find tools which cost you less or free and still works perfectly for you.

Tracking data and making analytical decisions is one of those things for which you need to have tools and there’s one thing which can help you to go easy on cost.

That’s Excel Templates.

These templates can help you to track data in the simplest way and if you can find some of the free Excel templates which can serve your purpose you can save a lot of your money.

Well, today in this post, I’ll share with you a list of 9 Excel templates which are ABSOLUTELY FREE for you to use and can fulfill your needs.

All of these templates are handpicked, so make sure to check each one of these, and now, let’s get started.

1. Sales Tracking

One of the basic and most important things is to track sales and if you have an Excel template which can help you to do this, you can save a lot of time.

This is a dynamic sales tracker template by Excel Dashboard School in which you can not only track your sales but present it with a dashboard.

Actually, it’s an entire bundle to track your sales activity.

It includes the Net Sales and Profit Breakdown by Country, Product Level Sales Breakdown, Sales Activity Chart, Cumulative Sales Table, Sales Distribution Chart and much more.

2. Inventory Management Template

With this Excel template, you can track your inward and outward stock. It has user forms which allow you to enter details in the easiest way.

And once you enter stock details it has a dashboard which shows you all the major details like, current stock, stock value, stock inward, and stock outward.

There’s also a couple of charts on the dashboard which can help you have a visual look at the current status of your stock, out of which one helps you to get into each product and tells you if there’s a need to reorder it.

This template works with VBA codes which makes it faster than any other formulated workbook.

3. Employee Attendance Tracker

This template is pretty simple to use and gives you some powerful insights. It has five parts (worksheets) which help you to track your data in all the manners.

First of all, it has a calendar view which gives you a complete report for the entire year with key insights. There’s a sperate sheet which allows you to track all the leaves of employees.

And there are three worksheets where you can store your base data like a list of employees, company holidays, and types of leaves you have in your organization.

4. Budget Calculation

This template can help you to make a budget plan in the simplest way. It’s has a formulated worksheet which gives you all the insights about the budget.

In this template, you can plan your yearly and monthly budget and then compare it with actual figures.

There’s an overview worksheet which takes data from the raw data worksheets and you can change months by using the drop-down.

5. Balance Sheet

This template can help you to create a balance sheet in no time. It has two worksheets where you can add liabilities and assets.

In the assets worksheet, it has further heads to enter fixed assets and current assets. And in the liabilities worksheet, you have current and long-term liabilities + owner’s equity.

In the summary sheet, you have a simple table which shows the main figures and there are two charts which show all the data in visuals.

The thing which I like about this template is you can compare values for two years.

6. Invoice Template

This is another simple but SUPER useful template in this list. It meant only for creating invoices.

Its format is pretty simple. Enter customer’s details, product details (name, quantity, and unit price) and it’ll calculate total at the end.

There’s also a small section where you can add sales person’s name and due date of payment of the invoice.

7. Product Catalog

This template is quite unique as I love the IDEA of having a product catalog in an Excel worksheet.

It is quite INTERACTIVE where you can use checkboxes to select different types of products, there are also pagination buttons which you can use to navigate through the products, and you can sort and filter products as well.

For the listing, you can have a snapshot of the product, price, and then a link to the product page on your website.

8. To-Do List

One of the best ways to manage your work like a PRO is to have a to-do list and Excel is the best place to manage your tasks with a To-Do list.

This template from SpreadSheet123 can be your favorite To-Do list as it’s mine. Well, I love as it’s simple but the best thing is it gives an option to segregate your task according to the urgency.

You can separate your tasks (High Priority, Low Priority, and other tasks) into different heads and work on them accordingly.

9. Cost Template

This template is a perfect fit for startups who want to track their costs. Why I’m saying it’s a perfect fit? Because it allows you to track the cost of operations against the funds you have.

In the first part of the template, you can add all the funds which your startup has and then you can track all costs under different heads.

Here’s more: You can measure your actual cost against the projected values as well.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure all of these templates which I have listed above will help you to track your data in an effective way and help you to save cost too.

Thanks? You’re Welcome.

But you have to do one thing for me now: Make sure to share this list with your friends and colleagues, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

Puneet is the Co-Founder at EXCELCHAMPS and SHEETSMOJO. He helped thousands of people to understand the power of the spreadsheets. You can find him online, tweeting about Excel, on a running track, or sometimes hiking up a mountain.