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A Beginners Guide to Online Casinos



Games of chance have been around since the Paleolithic era but the latest development is that they have moved online. Playing online is simply more convenient and easier to fit into your schedule, so it’s no wonder that it is an industry that continues to grow. But, just like virtually anything in life, it is not easy to be a beginner. At the first glance, online casinos may seem complicated but you should not let the fear of the unknown stop you from trying and succeeding. Keep on reading to find out about a couple of things to consider and familiarize yourself with before you “enter” an online casino. It will surely help you see that online casinos are in fact designed to welcome you and make you feel comfortable. 


Financial perks

Many things in online casinos will be simple and self-explanatory, especially if you already are a veteran brick-and-mortar casino visitor. Other things will also be easy to cope with if you already spend much time online reading reviews on choosing the best place to play some online poker. Casino bonuses are a special perk in online casinos that you must familiarize yourself with in order to fully enjoy the experience. By definition, these are rewards that a casino offers to attract new players and keep the regulars coming back. It is not uncommon for experienced players to choose a casino based on the bonuses they offer. That is why these places keep trying to improve their bonuses and offer something more creative and attractive.  

There are many different types of bonuses: no deposit and deposit ones, cashback bonuses, welcome bonuses, royalty bonuses, referral bonuses, birthday bonuses, high-roller bonuses, etc. And this is great for the players, because the plethora of choices means, everyone can find the one which is the most suitable for their needs and style. 


Always be on your toes

Casinos are businesses, and businesses are made to make money. You must always keep this in mind, especially if something about bonuses seems too good to be true. We mentioned before a type of bonus called No deposit. And you guessed well, this means you can get a $15 chip for example, no deposit strings attached. You probably think that the casino will still earn money in this case, because the players will most likely enjoy the game so much, their next move will be to make a deposit and play more. But there could be something else behind it, and that is why it is very important to pay attention to terms and conditions as there is usually a special section in there, referring to bonuses. 


Wagering requirements

We hear you ask what online casino wagering is then. Simply put, every casino bonus comes with certain wagering requirements; you will not be able to claim your bonus until these requirements are met. Thus, there are a number of times one must wager before claiming the bonus. The exact number may vary from casino to casino. Other than getting yourself familiar with it before accepting the bonus, make sure that you choose the type of bonus that is right for you. Alternatively, opt for a wager-free casino bonus to begin with. 


What about the money?

Experienced online players will tell you that one of the reasons they would choose online gambling, even if there was a brick-and-mortar casino next to their house, is the myriad of payment options to choose from. Most of the physical establishments accept only cash, and if you wish to make an online payment, you can pay with credit cards, PayPal, and other methods, including bitcoin in some cases. On the other hand, it does seem easier to cash in your winnings in the brick-and-mortar casinos, and in the online ones it can be tricky and depends a lot on the method you choose for your deposit. In some cases, bonuses cannot be withdrawn using all the possible payment methods, so make sure you check this out in those terms and conditions as well. 


A couple more things before you begin 

Before you start, you should check if the online casino of your choice is reliable but also, if it’s legal to gamble online in your country or state. This is why many casinos will ask you to state your location. Also it is a smart choice to play a couple of free games first, if there is that option, to familiarize yourself with the environment first.


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