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A Brief Guide To Air Freight In International Shipping




Air freight has become increasingly important in international shipping due to its speed and flexibility. It is a preferred method of transport for time-sensitive deliveries and high-value items. It offers much greater control over delivery times, making it a reliable way to ensure that products arrive on time.


In this blog, we will discuss what is air freight all about, its process in international shipping and how a freight forwarding company can make a difference in shipping internationally.


What is air freight in international shipping?


Air freight is a key type of international shipping that can help move goods quickly and efficiently. Air freight is used to transport items such as documents, medicines, electronics, food products, consumer goods, and other perishable items. It also plays an important role in the global economy as it facilitates the transfer of parts and supplies between different countries. 


Process of Air freight International Shipping

When it comes to international air freight shipping, the process begins with booking in advance. This ensures that the shipment is picked up and delivered on time. It’s important to decide on the necessary storage requirements for the shipment, as well as to know the difference between airway bills and other forms of documentation used in international trade. Proper labeling and an airway bill are important documents to include with the shipment. Once the cargo is at its destination, it must go through customs clearance before it can be unloaded. After that, customs clearance at the destination is necessary, and then finally, the shipment will be delivered.


All of these steps are integral to a successful international air freight shipping experience.


Why do businesses rely on Freight forwarding companies?


Freight forwarding companies offer a range of services that are extremely beneficial to businesses. They streamline shipping processes, provide cost-effective and reliable transportation of goods, and serve as a single point of contact for any queries or concerns throughout the shipping process. By relying on freight forwarding companies instead of direct air freight service, businesses can benefit from greater flexibility and tailor their shipping needs to specific requirements.


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Air freight allows for greater flexibility in terms of shipping destinations, as well as the ability to ship a variety of different sizes and types of items. As such, air freight is an increasingly popular choice for global businesses that need their products delivered quickly and securely. Air freight also has environmental benefits; it is estimated that air freight produces fewer emissions than other methods of transport, making it a more sustainable option for international shipping. Ultimately, air freight provides businesses with an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver their products around the world.