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A Comprehensive Guide On Panel Beaters



Collision damage on a car can be minor or major depending on the severity of the accident. The exterior panels can get damaged and may appear to be beyond repair. Panel Beaters can work their magic on them to make them look brand new.

Who Are Panel Beaters?

Car Panel beaters are specialized types of mechanics who repair certain areas of the car which are dented or damaged due to an accident or collision. Panel beaters can restore the car to its original look and feels new to the touch.

Role Of A Panel Beater

There is a lot of complexity involving the restoration process of a car. Technological advancements in the automobile industry are changing the form factor of vehicles. It is tougher to work on damaged cars as the manufacturers keep changing and updating models of newer vehicles.

Basic Tasks Of A Panel Beater

The tasks of a panel beater can be the following:

Replacement, repair, and removal of damaged panels

Using specialized fillers to fix dents and scratches

To provide a clean finish, the bodywork must be filed and sanded.

Replacing damaged components with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components.

Putting in body hardware like door locks and sensors.

Adjusting the body frame and chassis.

Refinishing the car in the same color as the original paint

Qualifications Of A Panel Beater

Car panel beaters need to have a certification in Automotive Body Repair Technology along with an internship. The duration of the training and acquiring the certificate can be around three years.

The panel beater is considered to be among the best in Australia if he belongs to the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC). This is the gold standard when it comes to the panel beating field and it points out that the panel beater is credible.

Selecting A Good Panel Beater

Genuine Parts

A panel beater can use non-authentic parts and unskilled handiwork can put the car at risk of frequent breakdowns. Non-authentic car parts do not comply with standards set by car manufacturers. These parts are cheaper but are not long-lasting. Panel beaters using genuine car parts may charge more but the service is top notch and the components fit like a glove.

Customized repair service 

A good way to determine a genuine panel beater is to ask them about the procedure they will follow to fix a car. The assessment provided by the panel beater can be an insight into whether the service is overcharging. A panel repair will not be the same for two different cars. A sedan and an SUV will require different approaches to be fixed. The panel beater needs to provide a tailored repair service catering to all types of needs.

Level of experience

A certain level of experience is needed for a proper panel repair service to run without facing issues. An established panel service will help one to get an insurance claim without much hassle.

Green flags for a good car panel beater are the following:

The car panel beater is holding proper certification.

Is a member of the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC).

Alternate Vehicle Service 

If the car is severely damaged, then it might take a longer time to fix the car. In that case, a reputable panel beater can provide a replacement vehicle.

When consulting a panel repair service ask if:

The rental car fee would be waivered if one opts for the service. One might feel reluctant to pay for a rental car as it would be a hefty bill to pay along with the panel beating service.

There are many options to choose from in case they provide a courtesy vehicle service.

Damages may not just be man-made in nature. Dents can be caused by unpredictable hailstorms that could damage the car and cause dents.

DIY Methods To Fix Hail Damage

Hail Damage Repair can be attempted at home using the following methods:

Heat Gun 

Metal will bend or move due to thermal expansion. A heat gun running on a medium setting can make the mettle more malleable causing it to pop up. To stop the surface from overheating dry ice can be used. Though this method can prove to cause more damage because it can cause the paint to melt and stretch out.


A suction cup can pull up the dented areas and make the surface look as good as new. This method can be more labor-intensive and require more focus and physical work.

Will Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Most insurances only cover collisions and mechanical breakdowns. If the car is covered by comprehensive insurance, it will provide claims which are unpredictable for example fire, earthquakes, and hailstorms.

In conclusion, car panel beaters can help you with fixing the exterior of the car without a complete overhaul and minimum changes overall, so that it stays close to the original shape.