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A full Guide on how to promote your Business on Reddit




There are lots of social sharing sites you can use for branding or increase traffic. Some of them can do real wonders for your Business. Reddit, if used correctly, certainly is one of them. However, the Reddit community is probably one of the toughest, most straight forward and honest communities you can find on social media. In other words: If you don’t play by the rules you will receive very open (sometimes not so nice) comments. Therefore, take a minute to read through this guide and learn how to promote your Business on Reddit correctly. It is worth it! Reddit has been an amazing traffic generator for many Bloggers and Business Owners – and it can do the same for you.

How Reddit works

Reddit looks complex at first but is surprisingly easy to get the hang of. It basically allows you to share anything in link form. No matter if it is a link to an image, to a video or to a webpage.
Links are submitted to a “Subreddit”, which is a forum gathering content to a specific topic. Each of these forums is called r/”Subreddit-Name”.
Looking at the website’s statistics further emphasizes what it can do for your Business. Reddit currently has around 234 million monthly unique users and the site has a bounce rate of only 25%. Over 40% of traffic comes from the United States, followed by the UK and Canada.

First Steps on Reddit

When new to Reddit, make sure to subscribe to some Subreddits relevant to your Business or Blog. Simply use the search function on top of the page and type in keywords relevant to your niche.


Once you found a Subreddit that looks interesting, carry out the following checks:

  1. Make sure to subscribe to Subreddits that have a relevant subscriber size. However, not all of your Subreddits need to be huge. It is easier to gain attention in Subreddits with a smaller subscriber size. Nevertheless, there are Subreddits with only a few followers. Your time will probably not be well invested when posting there. Try to find a good balance between the larger and medium-sized Subreddits.
  2. Make sure the purpose of the Subreddit is in line with your Business or Blog. As mentioned before, Reddit users are tough and don’t like to see content that does not comply with the topic of their forum.
  3. Most Subreddits have defined their own rules. These rules dictate what you are allowed to post and also to what extent you are able to promote your Business. As you can see in the r/Blogging Subreddit I chose below as an example, this forum is not suitable for promoting your Business.



How to use Reddit correctly

  1. Participate: The most important and unfortunately also the most time-consuming activity! The site is known for rejecting any form of direct Advertisement. If you go on Reddit to simply market your Business, the only thing you will earn are some negative remarks. It is possible to use Reddit to increase traffic. But you have to walk carefully. New accounts are generally distrusted on Reddit. In order to gain valuable trust, make sure to share content that you find interesting, but is not coming from your Business or Website.
  2. Comment: Just as important as sharing content that you did not produce yourself is commenting on posts from others. You will see that some interesting discussions can arise when leaving some mindful remarks. Also, make sure to reply to comments that you receive on your own posts.
  3. Username: Once you gained some trust and start posting your own content your username becomes important. Make sure to choose a name that has nothing to do with your Business. Below is a negative example. Pay attention to the link and the username. Notice the similarity? This is a clear indication of spam and will not gain any attention on Reddit. Using a name that is different from your business is absolutely common among proficient Reddit users.


  1. Subreddits: I know I mentioned this before, but I cannot stress it enough: When you start posting, make sure your content is in line with the purpose of the Subreddit. Additionally, be careful to just post everything once. “Redditors” don’t like to see the same content in several Subreddits.
  2. Timing: As with other social sharing platforms as well, the timing is essential on Reddit. Posts in the morning (US Time) generally perform best.

Who is on Reddit?

If you want to max out the advantages of Reddit, it is important to understand its users. So how does the typical Redditor look like:

  • Liberal: Mostly democratic party supporters or Libertarian thinkers
  • Relatively young: There are no stats about this, but my guess is that most Redditors are between 16 and 34 years old.
  • Technologically savvy: They almost all actively embrace (new) technologies.

Take these demographic details into consideration when planning your activities on Reddit.

Some general Subreddits everybody can use

While I told you above that you should be careful to only use Subreddits that are in line with the purpose of your niche, there are some general Subreddits that everybody can make use of.


Is capturing the best pieces of advice across all possible areas.


It has a very interesting user size of 13.2M Subscribers. Everything that motivates people to reach their goals and make the most of their day is allowed in here.


Another highly interesting forum by its subscriber size (18.9M). For valuable and specific facts related to any possible field.


Have the advice to share? Then this is your Subreddit.


If you want to increase the short-term traffic to your website, why don’t you ask design experts how they like your website design?


A Subreddit dedicated to Blog and Business Promotion.


This might seem obvious now, but Redditors are passionate about their platform. This can end up in severe criticism. However, if they like something, it can drive tens of thousands of visitors to your page.
You will probably learn your lessons on the way (so have I). Try out what works and what doesn’t. Many Bloggers and Entrepreneurs don’t put in the effort required to make the most out of Reddit. In the beginning, most Reddit users fail. And many then decide not to use it further.
In the end, Reddit is not so different than other content marketing platforms: If you provide value, you will eventually succeed.

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