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A perfect ways to fix Error PS034 in QuickBooks



If a user is confronted with the QuickBooks PS034 error, a trigger-warning message appears on the screen. It reads, “QuickBooks has encountered a issue and has to be closed. We apologize for any inconvenience”. The issue is mostly with the pay-roll update. This article is focused upon the QB error number PS034 and discusses the cause as well as quick troubleshooting techniques. Continue reading this blog to gain an in-depth understanding of.

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Primary Reasons For Encountering the Payroll Update Error Code PS034 In QuickBooks

Do you know the root of the issue that causes this error? Take a look at the causes below.

1. One of the causes to cause the error could be because the CPS folder is severely damaged or damaged.
2. There is also the possibility that you haven’t been able to activate or updated the software on your QuickBooks Desktop, you can be faced with the problem.

For the easiest and fastest ways to fix the problem, take an eye on the next post in this blog.

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Top Two Ways to Eliminate the QuickBooks Desktop Error Message PS034 Completely

Are you not able to locate the right solution to eliminate the error in updating your payroll? You should look through the methods we’ve provided further

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SOLUTION 1: Change the Name of the CPS Folder

1.On the Windows desktop, go to File Explorer. File Explorer by hitting the Windows + E keys.
2.Tap on “This PC 2. Click twice on “Local Disk C’.
3.In the next window, select ‘Program files (x86) Then, then, you can start the Intuit folder.
4.Now open Your QuickBooks Desktop folder.
5.Select the ‘Components’ tab and then select the Payroll folder.
6.Next make edits to the CPS folder by selecting the ‘Rename’ option.
7.Change the name to ‘CPSOLD Click ‘Enter to save the latest modifications.
8.At last, open on your QuickBooks Desktop to make a new CPS folder.

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SOLUTION 2: Complete the Registration of Your QuickBooks Desktop and Update It

1.At first, you must start QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Desktop and press the F2 key.
2.The Product Information window will show up at the top of your display.
3.Now examine the license number to see if it is activated or not.
4.If there is no problem, in your QuickBooks, click on the Help tab and then click on the “Activate QuickBooks Desktop” button.
5.In the end, you must follow the steps on the screen in order to activate it successfully.
6.Once completed, you can open Your QuickBooks Desktop and download it up to the most current version.
7.After this, you should complete your payroll tax tables.

We’ve tried our best to provide you with some of the most efficient and rapid debugging procedures that can fix QuickBooks error PS034. If you encounter any issues in implementing the troubleshooting techniques or require additional information about the issue, don’t be afraid to contact the technical support team at our toll-free 1-888-704-1357. Our specialists will help you.

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