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Aakaanksh Autade (Kaansanity) Shares the Secret for Going Viral on Tiktok and Building Brands



Social media has been a major game-changer for everyday life as it allows people to connect and share updates on their lives or shared interests. However, its influence doesn’t end there as it has also changed the business landscape by providing business owners with the platform to run their business. Aakaanksh Autade is one of those individuals who have found opportunities to build his career around social media.

As a young child, Aakaanksh wanted to work for himself. The idea of owning his own time and doing what he loved was the dream. Despite being young, he set out to find what he could do to give himself the life he wanted and eventually chanced upon the world of entrepreneurship. He fell in love with it and later took part in reselling, drop-shipping, stocks, and web design. 

After becoming successful in those niches, Aakaanksh took the time to learn the ropes of advertising, especially on Facebook. After getting the hang of Facebook Ads, he eventually moved into the e-commerce and the social media marketing niche and started his own marketing agency called AK Digital.

Since its founding, AK Digital has generated thousands in sales and hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok, his primary social media channel, for clients. Although an intimidating challenge, Aakaanksh has amassed years of experience with social media management and social media marketing. He has had a hand in Facebook ads, paid traffic, and lead generation, giving him the credentials to work with a wide variety of businesses, from small local businesses, e-commerce brands, and even large companies. Among the companies that he’s worked with, he has helped with the advertising campaigns of Grammarly, Chegg, and even Amazon through TikTok.

Currently, Aakaanksh is running ads and managing social media for two major seven-figure companies in software and beauty, and multiple smaller six-figure businesses in the Los Angeles area, including gyms, dentists, and the like. 

Aakaanksh chose to make his presence known on TikTok because of how much easier it was to use and how easily it could attract a following. He noticed how many creators around him were focusing on creating the most viral content they could think of every single day of the week. Even the best creators on the platforms knew it was almost impossible to hit every single video out of the park. The difficulty in making daily hits meant that some creators would resort to clickbaiting. 

For those unaware, clickbaits are a false form of advertisement used to attract users’ attention to check out the creator’s content. Unfortunately, it’s common, and some people believe it’s a great idea to gain publicity. However, it loses the creator’s chances of building a strong community. Aakaanksh wants creators to understand that it’s possible that each content won’t always be an instant hit. Instead of getting discouraged, he wants them to consistently keep putting out high-quality content as it builds a better chance of bringing in likes and followers and allow them to build a strong community.

To learn more about Aakaanksh Autade (kaansanity), you may follow him on TikTok or visit his website

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