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Ahaumna and the Spiritual Journey That Led to the Success of Her Brand



Best-selling author, entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, and life alchemist Ahaumna has always been in tune with the spiritual world. At the tender age of eleven, she had begun studying spirituality, consciousness, psychology, and metaphysics to understand better the pain she was living with. This helped her grow the abilities that now allow her to communicate with things beyond and of this world.

Linking with forces above comprehension, Ahaumna once gave up her material possessions to begin her spiritual journey. The young entrepreneur built her international business at the age of 27, supporting people from all walks of life to become free from the cycles of scarcity, suffering, and survival. 

Ahaumna credits her success to the time when she was spiritually guided to donate everything she owned in her two-bedroom home in Los Angeles and let go of her part-time job. Without the comfort she has been used to, she began living in her car for a year, driving all over the United States of America, going into homeless communities, and allowing herself to experience people, experience herself without anything.

At the time, the life alchemist spent a lot of time in the forest, reflecting on herself and finding her purpose. “I was on track in university to go into the FBI,” she reveals, “and, well, I realized that that was not the way I could really help people to heal and be free, so I needed a period of being nothing, of having no money, no resources, nothing other than my instincts and intuition to guide me to where I was meant to go.”

As she found new ways to connect to the reason for her existence, Ahaumna began building her business while traveling the world. Starting her brand came to her after sitting on a mountain top without a dollar to her name when the spirit of money came to her and showed her she was ready to claim her wealth, to begin charging for the services she had previously offered for free.

She put together her brand online, and, in just her first year, hit the six-figure mark. Using her realizations and the connection she has built with the world and the people around her, Ahaumna helps people take charge of their lives through spiritual healing. She provides solutions to the three S’s plaguing our society: Scarcity, Suffering, and Survival. 

Arising as a leader in the coaching industry, Ahaumna inspires people to make their dreams financially and spiritually a reality. With a degree in Criminal Psychology, advanced degrees in Metaphysics, Ahaumna is a certified yoga instructor, holistic health practitioner, and an ordained minister. Connecting with her audience, she has grown her clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairsentient abilities that have helped her better serve and understand her reach.

Ahaumna continues her services and expands her audience to let more people know that there is someone who cares about them and believes in them even if they have lost faith. “I want them to know that their life means something and that whatever they are going through they can overcome it, that there is support available,” she shares. 

Through her spiritual work, she inspires her audience to change their lives, take the next big step, and reach out to her for support. “Most importantly,” she adds, “I want them to know that they are worthy of their wildest dreams and their life matters.”

The spiritual teacher will be conducting a playshop this August 30 entitled “Unfuck Your Mind.” The event is designed to assist people whose mental health has suffered in these trying times, helping them unplug from the toxic stress, anxiety, and fear that the pandemic has caused. It will be available worldwide as a virtual event lasting four hours. 

Reach out to Ahaumna and learn more about her August playshop through her official website.

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