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All about bolts: specialty bolts



Are you willing to know about the various bolts that are available on the market? If it’s a yes, then ponder upon the information given below. An individual will be able to know about the advantages of specialty bolts. Continue reading to be aware of the needs of different connections.

What are the different types of bolts? 

  • Carriage bolts are domed shaped bolts. These have large heads. They can be retained with the nut in order to avoid pulling through the surface and the hole.
  • Hex bolts are known for having heads that are 6 sided. The machine threads make it easy for these types of bolts to work along a hole which is tapped.
  • Lag bolts are another type of bolt that doesn’t require a nutshell. They are extremely sturdy. One can use them for retaining a heavy burden on the surface. They are even known as lag screws.
  • Specialty bolts come in various sizes. Their wide range of sizes makes them easy to use. They can be a millimeter in length or even as long as 18 inches. These are the bolts that can be used with plastics.
  • Eye bolts are used for hoisting applications. They are made to handle more load and hence 2 of the sides are forged. They are then made into one by bending and imparting extra support.

What are the features of specialty bolts?

THE FIT WELL IN VARIOUS SURFACES – The specialty bolts are manufactured keeping in the notice the surface which is to be pierced via it. It has been made with various cuts so that it provides a good look at the bolt on the surface. These bolts are best to connect the components of the structure and adjust it as per the requirements.

CAN BE BEST USED FOR CRITICAL APPLICATION – An individual can use the specialty bolts to assemble different parts of the structure easily. Engines can be connected with such bolts. The chassis joints even use these bolts during the connection with heavily loaded items. Therefore, one can consider the critical application of these bolts.

STRONGER AND EASY TO USE – Specialty bolts offer a stronger way of connection. The bolts can be easily pressed against the surface using a fastener. They are therefore quick to be adjusted in order to connect the materials together. One can use the bolts and tighten the components along with each other for a durable option. These bolts are available in various sizes, so fixing them in the hole will not be an issue.

MADE WITH CARE TO GET THE DESIRED DIAMETER OF THE BOLTS – The specialty bolts are the best bolts to pierce on any surface. They have been manufactured keeping in note the right diameter of the bolts. The head of the bolts can be widened to fit the hole in connection with the utmost strength. One can easily secure the 2 materials and connect them with each other using the bolts.

LOW TENDENCY IN ABSORBING HYDROGEN – One can reduce the brittleness caused due to contact with hydrogen. These specialty bolts are made with a clean steep with a desired amount of carbon content. The reduced risk thus allows the specialty bolts to function in a better sphere. They are durable and thus cost-effective for the connection.


To sum up all that has been discussed about specialty bolts, one can confirm that they are the best bolts for holding the components together. These bolts can hold up 2 materials together and impart a strong appearance. One can even get the bolts pierced with the surface so as to provide a smooth texture.