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Amaru Son: College Dropout Turned Rising Artist



Finishing college may be one of the most fulfilling goals for most people out there. But dropping out from the institution is just the start of Amaru Son’s fulfillment of life. Life may have been exhausting for the artist, but his passion in making music became the asset for the rising star.

The up-and-coming star had his turning point when his song amassed 6 million streams across all platforms. Due to the virality of “Lost and Found,” the name Amaru Son slowly gained traction. The admitted fanatic of Dragon Ball Z shared that he does most of the making of the song, from recording to producing the track. Last year was a spectacular time for the musical career of Amaru. With his surging popularity, popular Youtubers Tommy Craze and Im Dontai recognised his body of work. Consequently, this furthered his name in social media and instantly became the artist he is now. 

Amaru Son, or JaKealon Amaru Chase, has been heavily influenced by the culture of midwest Kansas City. The colorful music of the city he was born in captured his interest in pursuing music someday. Additionally, listening to heartbreakers and the multi-faceted subjects of rap music certainly cultivated Amaru Son’s musical style. Because of this, his artistic style has been usually associated with Juice WRLD, Iann Dior, Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, and THE KID LAROI. 

Before the success he had recently, Amaru Son had his own fair share of struggles. Although he genuinely loved playing track and field, the rapper fell out of love with it by the time he reached college. After staying for a semester back in 2016, the producer realized that it is not something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. With the degree of the difficulty he has faced, Amaru finally made up his mind by committing a bittersweet decision to just drop out of college. Nevertheless, this decision only furthered his passion as he then converted all his inspirations into his songs.

Asked about what his motivation was, the hip-hop artist said, “The motivation to build my own brand was from my family, the artists I was listening to back when I was growing up and watching a lot of anime.” In addition, he also mentioned the origin of his name, Amaru Son. Apart from being his middle name, “Amaru” is also the name of the renowned artist Tupac. Furthermore, “Son” roots from the Japanese culture he learned from watching anime.

Amaru Son also shared that apart from juggling his time solely for music, he enjoys interacting with his fans through live chats and livestreams on Youtube. The artist commented that through music, he can express all his feelings through  storytelling instead of fabricating a false story. He said that through his honesty in songwriting, many people would relate to his art.

Amaru Son expressed his desire of being a part of a label. “Just being a part of creating music is something I’ve always wanted to be a part of from a young age ’til now. Life gave me a crazy turn but it brought me right back to the music at the end of the day,” he said.

With the surge of his career, hearing his songs on the radio anytime soon should be expected. Check out his discography on Spotify and YouTube.

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