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Amplify Equips Coaches and Fitness Professionals With the Tools for Success



It is easy to assert that a person’s darkest moments herald a bright future that is yet to come. People are often told to hang on and stay strong in the face of challenges but living with a reality full of suffering is another story. However, if there is anything that successful personalities can prove, it is the importance of perseverance and grabbing on to opportunities for growth and development. James Quigley, the founder of Amplify, had his fair share of hardships, but he found a lifeboat when he developed a passion for fitness. Today, he not only spearheads a venture known for enabling success for coaches and professionals in the health and wellness space but also serves as an inspiration icon to the countless who are trying to beat the odds. 

Currently based in Austin, Texas, James Quigley is a business coach and mentor originally from Brooklyn. Boasting eighteen years of experience in the fitness industry, he has worked in various roles and leadership positions in New York City. With his track record and the heights he has managed to reach within the fitness world, it can take no time at all to jump to the conclusion that the road that led him to the forefront must have been smooth, but the truth could not be further away from that. 

At the age of sixteen, James Quigley not only witnessed his parents go through a challenging divorce, but he also lost his best friend to a drug overdose. “It sent me into a spiral of depression, and I gave up on my dreams to become a collegiate athlete,” the Amplify CEO shares. A few years later, he no longer recognized himself and realized that he failed to honor the memory of his late friend by staying at rock bottom. At the advice of another friend, he joined a local gym, a move that would allow this well-respected authority to learn how to take care of himself as well as find his passion for fitness and self-improvement.

Banking on that aforementioned passion, James Quigley went on to help open gyms and host high-level fitness events in several countries, including Kuwait, Dubai, and Germany. For seventeen years, he stood as a notable figure in the service side of fitness. Eventually, he moved away from leading behind the scenes and stepped into the limelight by establishing Amplify. 

Launched on the principle of helping to simplify businesses and inspire others to live up to their own values, Amplify empowers coaches with the knowledge and skills they need to make a difference in the communities they are serving. At its core is the mission of helping over 500,000 coaches and online entrepreneurs wield the power of digital technology and take their ventures online.

Under the leadership of James Quigley, Amplify has been working with coaches in countries such as the US, Canada, Kuwait, UK, Dubai, Australia, and Germany. By building a global community, this powerhouse has succeeded in connecting people from all over the world and transforming the coaching world into a tight-knit space. 

As the world continues to reel from the impact of COVID-19, James Quigley and his company are going all-out in lending coaches a hand while they make a scary leap into cyberspace. Providing mentorship and guidance for success to coaches in over nine different countries during one of the most uncertain times in recent history, Amplify hopes to see these professionals be able to materialize their dreams. 

Learn more about Amplify by visiting its website.

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