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Andreas Vezonik is Shifting the Global Conversation around Money and its Uses



Andreas Vezonik

People do not like change. Constancy is comfort, and the general population would prefer to remain in their comfort zone over risking the new and different. The same principle applies when society deals with modern finances and the economy, where change IS constant. The flow and complexity of the market are difficult and frustrating to navigate for most. Many turn to financial advisors or trusted management firms to keep track of their finances, investments, and more, but few have found faster, personal solutions. But a man who is trying to change this norm is Andreas Vezonik, the founder and CEO of Transfera, an all-in-one solution to Europe’s banking needs. 


The Klagenfurt native (of Austria), Vezonik brings youth to a field often dominated by the older generations. At only 23 years old, he is already the CEO and CFO of two large finance companies with a network of international customers. 

Growing up in Austria as a normal teenager and student, Vezonik was on track to living a standard life. But at only 17 years old, he discovered the world of network marketing, and immediately realized how passionate he was about it. After continuing to educate himself, he got into business with health product lines and expanded his horizons there. But after a brief adventure into the economic world, Vezonik realized that his true career lay in the world of finances and the market. He joined a European company that provided basic financial services, and in just under two years working for the corporation, was able to amass and serve over twenty-five thousand European customers. Through this work, he also did almost twenty-five million dollars in sales, making his first real mark in the European economy. 


But how did Vezonik begin to truly shift the global financial conversation? In 2018, along with two partners, he founded his first company – VolumeX – crypto and forex trading and educational platform. In under two years, the business has branched out into over 35 different countries and is now one of the most efficient and fastest-growing financial service companies in all of Europe. And only a year after Vezonik’s first venture into the world of entrepreneurial finance, he founded a second company independently – Transfera. The CEO and Chief Supervisor of the company, he has established a new way to bank and trade, with an easy to navigate the system and Transfera App. 


An all in one solution and one of the first European entities to provide cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services, Transfera allows its customers to receive money, send money, exchange traditional and digital currency at any time, and spend money with a Transfera card. And while most people need an abundance of accounts and systems for the different businesses they do, Transfera offers a combined system with only one login for all of their products and services – keeping everything both efficient and secure. 


Andreas Vezonik is changing the dynamics of international finances by providing easy to use and accessible services to the general European population. Expanding and developing new solutions everyday, Vezonik, along with his company, Transfera, are leaving a lasting economic impact. 


Alex McCurry is an Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, and Social Media Expert. McCurry is known for founding several successful companies and has helped develop the brands of industry leaders across a variety of fields. Alex has worked with Fortune 500 Executives, major companies, celebrities, influencers, startups, and more.